Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On His Music

"The one thing about music is that there are no rules."

"When I make a record, I work at night,"

"I don't actually think about what kind of an album I'm going to make when I go into the studio, because that kind of limits me."

"For me, it all starts with if I can sing a song with a guitar and it still sounds good acoustically, then I'll stick it on the album."

"On my previous records, I would always start with a dozen ideas. This time, I wrote between 40 and 50 new tunes."

"But then I said to myself: 'fuck that. I don't want to take myself too seriously.' The truth is, I just want to write songs that I like. It's as simple as that.”

"I've never suffered so much making an album," says Enrique with a laugh. "It was a journey of soul searching and self discovery for me."

"I mean, lyrics are crucial, but melody - it's so much about that."

"I started singing with poor musicians but they were very talented."

"My first record contract was for three records in Spanish, and right when that was over, that was a perfect time for me to release an English album, and that's when it all happened."

"I used to travel to so many different countries with my Spanish albums, and some of them would listen to my music and some of them wouldn't, just because it was in Spanish."

"You should do whatever language you feel is the perfect language for you to sing in and then try to strive to do the best."

"I sang in English because I grew up in the States. I grew up with American influence, I grew up with American music, I went to American schools, I went to college here in the States."

"Realistically, English is a universal language; it's the number one language for music and for communicating with the rest of the world."

"I say that when you sing in English, it's easier and it does open a lot more markets, but there's exceptions, and there are artists out there that have done it in Portuguese, Spanish, and French."

"I just want my albums to do something different; I don't want the prior one to sound like the new one."

"I mean, I do consider that my music is pop because I've been influenced by pop music my whole life; I grew up in the States and '80s pop music was my biggest influence."

"Not that I don't like the other songs, but I love ballads, and I think it's always a risk-taker when you come up with a ballad."

"But if it's a good song that touches people's hearts people will come see you in concert 10 years from now just to hear you sing that song."

"I mean, when you do the same thing as your father... I always want it to be better than my father as a singer."

"I've gone over a million in a half miles flying."

"The music promotion is what makes your face a pretty face."

"And people coming up asking for autographs, there's only one time when it kind of bothers me: when I'm eating."

"I don't think I would be a good producer, but I would like to compose for other singers, give them ideas for other projects, the problem is that I don't compose often and I don't have songs to give to others."

"you need a good production, but the essence, what makes a song timeless, is the melody, the lyric, and of course the production."

"The video for Addicted was an idea of mine, and it all came together with the genius direction of Peter Berg."

"I like being underestimated," says Enrique Iglesias. "That's what pushes me, drives me to make a great album. I keep having to prove myself."

"We all feel love, and that might sound kind of corny, but I really feel that's what joins musicians together around the world.

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