Sunday, October 23, 2011

Very First Things/Facts

Find out about Enrique's first kiss, his first disappointment, his first dream-come-true, and more!

First love: at age 6.

First platonic love: Marilyn Monroe.

First kiss: Very juicy!

First disappointment: The separation of my parents.

First thought of the day: What am I going to do today?

First erotic dream: I can’t say; it’s a sin.

First prank: When I was very young, to be funny, I burned my dog.

First punishment: When I burned my dog.

First sin: When I make that erotic dream come true!

First hobby: Water sports. I love to surf!

First wish: To be a singer; a dream I was able to see fulfilled.

First virtue: I am persistent, a hard worker, and I put my whole heart into everything I do.

First shortcoming: I’m too stubborn.

First dream come true: My Record Contract.

First idol: Superman.

Most embarrassing moment: Farting on a first date at a movie. He was 17

He has scars on his ­inner thighs – nothing on the nuts.

He brushes his teeth five times a day.

He never wears a watch and only carries on him.

He firmly believes in love at first sight.

He apparently sleeps with a pillow between his legs.

Some Bollywood related facts :
The song RHYTHM DIVINE by enrique is still topping the list from last 9 years as the most played song on valentine's day.

It ws also featured in the hindi movie 'mohabatein' while the pool scene on valentines day's pool party.

The song ADDICTED was played in the muvi 'kiss kiss ki kismat' starrer Mallika Sherawat.

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