Sunday, March 08, 2015

Enrique Iglesias is too busy to marry Anna Kournikova, says his mom

The pop star's mother Isabel Preysler blames son's packed schedule for delay in tying the knot with the former Russian tennis star

Former Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova and pop-star Enrique Iglesias were to tie the knot on Valentine's Day.
But the Spanish singer's mother Isabel Preysler has dispelled the rumours, revealed that Enrique's packed work schedule is delaying the wedding plans of the couple, who began dating in 2001.

Though the glamorous couple's relationship has been quite lengthy as compared to the relationships of other American pop stars, they are yet to be married and do not have any kids.
There has been constant reports about the couple's marital status with some newspapers even claiming they have got married and subsequently divorced.
Speaking about her son, Preysler said, "It pains me that he works so much and he misses things in life that he should be enjoying at his age, but he is very happy."

Supportive Anna
"Enrique is not very much about partying. Plus, Anna supports him in everything, and they get along very well. At the same time, if they were married, his absence would be very difficult for her," the 64-year-old was quoted as saying by the Spanish Vogue.
"I have been less careful with other things, for example, I've had too much sun ... With Julio we literally lived under the sun," she said.
The 39-year-old Enrique had earlier stated that his long-standing relationship with his 33-year-old girlfriend did not need the seal of marriage to be successful.

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