Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anna and myself are just fine with sex and love: Enrique Iglesias

Pop star Enrique Iglesias says his long-standing relationship with girlfriend and former Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova does not need the seal of marriage to be successful

Pop star Enrique Iglesias (39) has clarified that his relationship with retired tennis star Anna Kournikova (33) does not require the seal of marriage.

Retired Russian tennis ace Anna Kournikova.
Kournikova and Iglesias began dating in 2001, during the time she featured in the singer’s chartbusting track Escape. Though the glamorous couple’s relationship has been quite lengthy as compared to the relationships of other American pop stars, they are yet to be married and do not have any kids.

However, there have been constant reports and speculation about the couple’s marital status with some newspapers claiming they are married and subsequently divorced.

Iglesias recently clarified though that their love did not need the season of marriage to blossom. In an interview with international magazine Life & Style, on the sidelines of his tour with fellow pop stars Pitbull and J Balvin, Iglesias said that his love for the Russian tennis beauty is as strong as it was when they met 13 years ago.

“She’s my girl and the best partner in all my adventures. Trust is the key in any relationship,” said the singer.

As for marriage, the Spaniard said: “This is a new era. A piece of paper doesn’t guarantee your happiness. Anna and myself are just fine with the sex and love.”

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