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Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova
Anna Sergeyevna Kournikova born June 7, 1981, is a retired Russian professional tennis player and model. Despite being a mediocre player, she became one of the best known tennis players worldwide. She was born in Moscow, Soviet Union to Alla and Sergei Kournikova; her family later emigrated to the United States. Presently, she resides in Miami, Florida. Kournikova's major-league tennis career has been curtailed for the past several years, and possibly ended, by serious back and spinal problems. She has had some success at the singles game, but her specialty has been doubles, where she has at times been the world's No.1 doubles player. With Martina Hingis as her partner, she won Grand Slam titles in Australia in 1999 and 2002. She and Enrique ment on the set of his "Escape" video. She plays his girlfriend and they have a secret relationship for some time but on the MTV Video Music Awards 2003 in Miami they were walking next to each other. It was official they are having a relationship !
And they are still together after 6 years ! :)

Enrique Iglesias and The Movie : Once Upon A Time In Mexico
ENRIQUE IGLESIAS is furious with bosses on his debut film because they won’t remove his famous mole. The self-conscious singer had the blemish removed from his right cheek in May — after his scenes for Once Upon A Time In Mexico were shoot. So Enrique, who plays the sidekick to a hired gunman portrayed by ANTONIO BANDERAS, demanded producers use computer trickery to remove it. But they refused when they were told it would cost more than £100,000 to doctor all Enrique’s scenes. A film source said: “Enrique is very sensitive about his mole so he asked for it to be erased. But it is a mammoth job and would cost a bomb.”

Enrique Iglesias and Pepsi
The Mirror claims Enrique Iglesias has received a staggering $79 million after becoming the new face of Pepsi. "I am excited to join forces with Pepsi, which will give me another avenue to bring my music to my fans," Iglesias said. A Pepsi insider explained, "Enrique is perfect for us. He's one of the biggest stars around at the moment, and that is why, unlike some of the people on board, he has been chosen to represent the brand on a global level."

Enrique Iglesias : about anna Kournikova
She's the coolest person in the world. She's smart, easy going and beautiful.
It's great to be with someone who's up for it when you say at four in the morning "Let's go water skiing". I like women who aren't prissy, who don't mind going to McDonalds DriveThru or doing crazy things. I like women who don't mind getting dirty and I don't mean sexually. No, actually, sexually too! I like them tough and up for anything, but feminine at the same time.

Enrique Iglesias : about Ricky Martin
No matter in which city of the world I come, Ricky Martin is already there. He is busy with the medias and give his undivided attention to the press dates, TV appearances and radio shows. It’s incredible, this man works like a lunatic ! But its really good to be confront with this engagement, this competition, because of this the own ambition gets higher ! If there is an artist, who I admire for his hard work, then it’s Ricky Martin!

Enrique Iglesias : about His Music Videos
Enrique's Top 10 videos!
ENRIQUE: "I never see my videos on MTV so the only way I can see them is if I pick 'em. These are my top 10 videos:

# 10 would be ESCAPE, its a good video, a fun video!
# 9 would be BE WITH YOU, I really like this video, ha-ha!
# 8 would be COULD I HAVE THIS KISS FOREVER,I always wanted to sing with Whitney Houston & I got to do a video with her!
# 7 is RHYTHM DIVINE,I like this video 'cause it is in chinatown, its got lot of action, it was a cool video to shoot.
# 6 is HERO REMIX,it's was a great video to make with Jennifer Love Hewitt & Mickey Rourke.
# 5 BAILAMOS, this video is just special to me 'cause it was the first english video I have ever made.
# 4 LOVE TO SEE YOU CRY, it was like a photo shoot, a simple video shot in one day, which is always good.
# 3 is BAILAMOS REMIX, I like this video 'cause it's ha-ha 'cause it's good.
# 2 is my HERO video, so much chaos going on that I actually thought it wasn't going to be a good video & turned out to be one of my best videos!
# 1 is DON'T TURN OFF THE LIGHTS because it was directed by me!"(laughter)

Was Alsou Enrique's 1st Love..!!
Everyone knew that Enrique Iglesias was to perform in Moscow. Also everyone knew that he recorded a very beautiful song with our very own Alsou. But no one could believe until the very last minute that they were going to meet and sing a duet together on stage of Kremle Palace. Nevertheless it did happened. Even though his song “You’re my #1“ has been played on the radio not the first time, until that concert in Moscow Enrique and Alsou have never met. And the hit that they’ve recorded together – is just a miracle of the modern technology. The meeting of both stars took place right before the concert. Alsou and Enrique quickly learn how to communicate and obviously liked each other.

Enrique was amazed by the young singer and kept on saying:
“I always knew that Russia had the most beautiful women.“ Then asked if Alsou had a boyfriend, and after a short thought a question(which later was allover the news) “How come you’re not 18 yet?“ After that there was a single rehearsal, at which both stars sang together for the first time. The next day at the concert there was a silent stage. When Alsou came up on the stage looking like a princess in her sparkling fancy dress, Enrique was shocked, and appologizing to the audience took Alsou backstage. There Iglesias had a glass of water and the couple came to the stage again. The audience noticed obvious tension on stage. While singing Alsou almost forgot the words from Enrique’s glances, but he picked up the song right away that no one has noticed anything. But everyone had noticed the sparks between young stars and that looked beautifl on stage together. What would come out of it and would it become a romance is unknown.

Enrique Too Hot For Prime Time..
Fans of Enrique Iglesias may never see the video for his hit Sad Eyes. Scenes of the singer frolicking in the nude with 19-year-old porn star Cassidey apparently are too flagrante for TV. Famed fashion photographer David LaChapelle directed the video, in which Iglesias and Cassidey are said to be seen splashing in a glass bathtub nearly bringing the water to a boil. Enrique Iglesias' new video may be too hot for TV.
Source: NY Daily News, 22 October 2000

Cassidey refuses to say whether their video lovemaking was simulated, but tells us: "Even while we were making it, I was wondering, 'Is this ever going to get on MTV?'" Reps at MTV and VH1 insist the Sad Eyes video was never submitted to their programmers. Thus, one would have to assume that execs at Iglesias' Interscope Records scuttled the video. Messages left at Interscope were not returned. But Cassidey and a spokeswoman for LaChapelle say the video has been shelved. LaChapelle is known for his comic kinkiness. But, even by his standards, his rep says, the Sad Eyes video was really unbelievable & really sexy. Enrique called David because he wanted something edgy. It's bizarre that someone decided to kill it."
Source: NY Daily News, 22 October 2000

Enrique Iglesias, who once joked to a journalist that he was a virgin, takes a badass Kid Rock-like turn in his next video Sad Eyes, which features the Latin pop hunk frolicking with 19 year old adult video star Cassidey. The clip, which will hit MTV and VH1 by the end of the month, follows Enrique's obsession with the self described ''porn chick,'' whose doleful mug he spots in magazines, on TV, and on his computer screen. His softcore stalking comes to an, um, climax when boy finally meets up with girl and they get nekkid in a see through bathtub. ''It's a total makeout scene,'' Cassidey tells ''We look like we're really gettin' it on.''Some industry observers think this steamy on camera fandango will give Enrique's clean cut image a fresh edge, especially since he's one of the first pop acts to go the ''porn star cameo'' route. ''It'll help him appeal to a demo that he hasn't traditionally gotten before,'' says Simon Glickman, senior editor at the music trade Hits.

Teenage guys who've dismissed the 25 year old son of Julio as ''that pretty boy who all the chicks like'' may now start thinking ''he's the man.'' The clip, which is directed by zany fashion photographer David LaChappelle, will also increase Cassidey's profile beyond the beaded off backroom of your neighborhood video hut. And while she doesn't have plans to appear in any more music videos, she has very fond memories of the three day shoot, caressing Enrique's ''buff, shiny chest'' and listening to him joke ''maybe we should do this for real.'' During the taping, Cassidey even learned to like the tune -- a cover of a Bruce Springsteen ballad -- though she's admittedly more of head-banging Slipknot fan. ''Sad Eyes is one of those really catchy songs,'' she explains. ''It was totally stuck in my head for the whole time I was working on the video. And now I even walk around the house naked singing the song.'' Hmm... sounds like a scene for the uncensored director's cut.
Source:, 12 September 2000

Latin singer Enrique Iglesias teams up with pornstar Paisley Adams: The “porn star cameo” route...Enrique Iglesias takes a tougher turn in his next video, a cover of the Bruce Springsteen ballad ''Sad Eyes,''
which features the Latin pop hunk frolicking with 19 year old adult video star Cassidey, also known as Paisley Adams. Enrique Iglesias teams with a porn star for his new video "Sad Eyes" Cassidy aka Paisley Adams has sign up for the big porn company Vivid but she has also done several hardcore photosets for porn photographer Suze Randell. She is easy to recognize by the black tattoo of a butterfly above her left breast. The clip follows Enrique's obsession with the porn chick, whose doleful mug he spots in magazines, on TV, and on his computer screen. His softcore stalking comes to an climax when boy finally meets up with girl and they get naked in a see through bathtub.

''It's a total makeout scene,'' Cassidey tells ''We look like we're really gettin' it on.'' This steamy on camera fandango will give Enrique Iglesias' clean cut image (who once joked to a journalist that he was a virgin) a fresh edge, especially since he's one of the first pop acts to go the ''porn star cameo'' route. The clip, which is directed by zany fashion photographer David LaChappelle, will also possible increase Paisley Adams' profile beyond the backroom of your neighborhood video hut. She tells that shooting the video was "...relaxing kind of. He’s such a nice guy. We worked together pretty well. We got along just fine too. He’s like a big kid." During the taping, Cassidy even learned to like the tune though she's admittedly more of head-banging Slipknot and Hed P.E. fan. '''Sad Eyes' is one of those really catchy songs,''
she said to

Hot video director David LaChappelle found that his provocative video for Enrique Iglesias' "Sad Eyes," featuring porn star Cassiedy, was way too hot for the artist's record company, and it has never seen the light of day. "It wasn't that it was graphically too strong," LaChappelle says. "I'm not stupid ... I don't do a video where you're showing body parts or sex acts ... The idea was too strong that he was alone in his room, basically, masturbating to a video."

Enrique Iglesias knows how to spice up a music video: Hire some X-rated talent. For his new single, Sad Eyes, due out in a few weeks, the Latin crooner reached out to Vivid Video vixen Cassidey, the star of such porn classics as Diary of Desire and Girl's Night Out. In the video, shot by photographer David LaChapelle, Iglesias becomes obsessed with Cassidey's blue eyes, eventually seducing her. The clip climaxes with steamy scenes in a clear glass bathtub. "This video is phenomenal -- it is so hot," Cassidey told US Weekly. "My mouth waters every time I think about it!"
Source: US Weekly, 18 September 2000

One of the Fan Mail-On about The Set Of  "Sad Eyes"
OMG! i don't know where to begin. I just got home and it is 5:15 am. Me and 10 other fans got invited to the Sad Eyes video shoot to play fans of Enrique. We arrived around 6 pm dressed to look like fans. Like our said, our role was to be fans, basically chasing Enrique around the hotel where the video was shot.. It was shot in L.A. at the old Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire. The make up people gave us fake tears because they wanted us crying. They put this mentholatum under our eyes and then put water drops over it. Our first scene was Enrique coming out of the elevator and we were there waiting for him. We had to scream and cry and take pictures. And chase him. Our second scene was chasing and grabbing enrqiue through a wedding scene. We did a lot of takes on that one, it was cool. We even knocked over a table. Our last scene was chasing Enrique coming out of the hotel and following him to his car and banging on the windows. But get this, this scene was in the pouring rain! we got soaked. We had to do it 3 times! then they took closeups of all of us while standing in the fake pouring rain! For Enrique, it was all worth it.

They made up signs for us to hold and Enrique was like joking with me about my sign. It said Samantha Loves Enrique. I had my photo taken with him like 3times, but i am drenched in all of them, as were all the other extras who took photos with him. we all had a blast and cant wait to exchange photos and videos. I know some of us will get some good shots in the video.It was hard trying to cry because i was so happy. lol.In the video, there are bathroom scenes, bedroom scenes, wedding scenes. In the wedding scene, enrique was acting all shy about kissing the bride in front of everyone. It was cute. Let's see, he was wearing a cream shirt with big collar and cuffs. Striped hiphugger bellbottoms, and a beige trenchcoat. And big square sunglasses. And brown loafers. When our work wrapped at about 1-1:30, enrique shot some outdoor scenes so we went and watched from across the street. He finally wrapped about 4:30 am. He walked across the street and came to see us for a bit. Some of the other girls may post here too with their stories. I will try to post my photos in a couple of days. there's so much more to tell but i am tiredand have to be at work soon.
- Francine

Question: How is going to be your video of "Sad Eyes"? (from AOL Argentina)

Enrique Iglesias: It's going to be a great video. I did the video with the director David La Chappelle. He's kind of a very edgy director, so [I'm] going to see the reaction to the video... I don't like to talk about it much before the video comes out. I don't want to jinx it. It's going to be amazing.

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