Sunday, October 23, 2011


Birth Name ► Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler.

Nicknames ► Quique, E, Kike, EI, Super Nova.

Birthday ► May 8,1975

Time of birth ► 12:00 (Unknown)

Place of birth ► Madrid, Spain.

Zodiac ► Taurus.

Height ► 6'1"/1.90 Meters.

City ► Madrid, Miami, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

Home ► Miami, Florida.

Father ► Julio Iglesias (Spaniard)

Mother ► Isabel Preysler (Filipino)

Brothers ► Julio Jose and Michael Alexander.

Sisters ► Chabeli, Tamara and Ana.

Sisters (Half-Twin) ► Cristina and Victoria.

Hobbies ► Listening to music, learning about aviation and going to the movies.

Movie ► Raiders Of The Lost Ark.


Cartoons ► Bugs Bunny

Fairy Tale ► Pinochio

Sports ► Soccer

Fast Food ► McDonalds and Burger King.

Food ► Sushi

Fruits ► Spanish Melon

Drinks ► Coca Cola

Colour ► Black, White, Grey and Red

Actor ► Anthony Hopkins and Keanu Reeves

Actress ► Meryl Streep

Singer ► No Favourite loves them all !

Music ► All from the 80's

Song ► Changes everyday

CD's ► The ones that he has on his night table.

Motto ► "Try To Live Happy"

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