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Enrique Iglesias' Billboard Cover: 5 Things We Learned

Billboard's latest cover star is Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias, and in this story, no topic is off-limits. Opening up about his strained relationship with his father, Anna Kournikova, the recent death of his dog and his new album "Sex and Love," Iglesias sheds some light on the pressure he has to keep building a massive music empire. "There's always some artists who don't need to fight, that get immediately played on Top 40 no matter whar -- you know you have a guaranteed Top 20 hit," he says. "I got to fight like it's my first record every time."
Go behind the scenes of Enrique's Billboard cover shoot in the exclusive video below, check out five things we learned about the "emotional" artist, and be sure to watch him perform live on the 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards.

HE RARELY SEES HIS FAMOUS DAD. The singer confirms that his father, Julio, has not met his girlfriend of 12 years, Anna Kournikova. "The last 14 years, 15 years of my life have flown by. And that's the only way I can truly explain it. There's no reason why -- it's not his fault, and it's not my fault."

HE'S NOT SWEATING THE SLOW START FOR 'SEX.' New album "Sex and Love" debuted somewhat quietly at No. 8 on the Billboard 200, then slipped to No. 42 in its second week. But Iglesias has the long view - it took 18 months for 2010's 'Euphoria' to churn out two top five singles. "I've never been so focused on the first week. For me, it's about getting to the finish line," he says.

RECORDING STUDIO OR TV STUDIO? THAT'S EASY. In recent years, he has turned down multimillion-dollar deals to appear as a judge on "American Idol," "The X Factor" and the original cast of NBC's "The Voice." Why? Because they clashed with touring and album plans. "I cared more about going into the studio and writing songs," he says. "That's what makes me happier."

BEING 38 HAS ITS CHALLENGES. Iglesias is plagued with "killer" migraines and says he has hangovers that last for days, when they used to last hours in his 20s. As for his body: "The first two weeks of touring are tough on me because I notice it in my bones, in my joints, it's 'Whoa.'"

HIS OFFICE IS A MESS. Iglesias' corner office at his Mr. 305 Productions office in Miami serves as a storage room for his manager -- suitcases and boxes everywhere -- because he rarely comes by. The one personal touch? Piles of awards and platinum plaques. "I keep this stuff here so it stays out of my house," says Iglesias.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Enrique Iglesias Premieres English Version of 'Bailando' with Sean Paul

Wow, if I were a buyer of his latest album "Sex + Love", I would be mad.

A US radio premiered last night (April 9) Enrique Iglesias' English version of his song "Bailando", featuring Sean Paul. "Bailando" is track #3 on the U.S standard edition of the Madrid-born singer's tenth album "Sex + Love". The original is purely in Spanish, however, the great performance of "Bailando" (current Latin single) on the Latin charts and Latin radio has made Enrique and his team think releasing "Bailando" for the English-speaking market too wouldn't be a bad idea at all.

A few modifications had to be done to the original though. Descemer Bueno's Spanish chorus is intact, Enrique's lyrics in the chorus are now in Spanglish, his verses are all English now, and then there's Sean Paul's signature rapping that blends in very well with the Spanish 'flavour' of the song.

I am so happy "Bailando" is Enrique's next 'English' single. It was about time he ditched EDM music for his official releases in English. Not sure how happy buyers of "Sex + Love" will be, though. As the newly-premiered 'English version' isn't on any album edition.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

'If you have a hairy back, shave it!' Smoothie Enrique Iglesias talks Sex and Love and reveals he likes to be hair-free all over

-Well-groomed sexy Spaniard, 38, says he likes to shave and trim
-Reveals grooming tips and how he likes to use jokey chat-up lines
-He likes a girl who can have a laugh: 'My lines tend to be kind of stupid'
-But says he is very much still off the market

His fortieth isn't too far off but Enrique Iglesias looks hotter than ever.

In an exclusive interview with FEMAIL the sexy Spaniard reveals the inspiration behind his new album, his top chat-up lines and his grooming secrets.

Enrique, 38, reveals he doesn't like too much hair and he personally depilates everywhere.
Enrique chats to FEMAIL about Sex & Love, his grooming routine and top chat up lines
When asked about his top grooming tips for men, Enrique reveals he keeps his routine simple but thorough.

'If you have a hairy back, shave it; brush your teeth; fake tan I'm not so much into. Not too much hair I guess - I shave everywhere. I'm kidding, I don't shave everywhere... But most places you do try to trim.'

Enrique likes to keep things fragrant as well as tidy: he reveals he is coming out with a new fragrance for men called Adrenaline - a completely new venture for him.

'I never thought I would say this but I was pretty involved in it, I wear it myself and I like it.

'It has a woody kind of smell to it. I just went with my other favourites that I would wear in the past and combined them and said "This is the direction I want to take it in". It's going to come out towards the end of the year.'

Looking - and smelling - good is a priority for the star, who claims that since he's turned 30 keeping in shape hasn't been as easy.

Listen up, men. Enrique's top grooming tips revealed

Enrique Iglesias, pictured earlier this month, says he prefers performing to burn calories rather than the gym
'One of the things I've noticed, when you turn 30 and up, you've gotta watch a little bit more what you eat. But in my case going on tour, two hours on stage, you actually lose a lot of calories which is good. I notice when I'm not on tour I'm not in as good shape. It helps me like a workout.

'When it comes down to the gym or anything that's cardio, like running on the treadmill, I'm very lazy. What I like to do more is sports. Whether it's surfing or paying racquetball with my friends, you sweat a lot and I like that better.'

And talking of getting sweaty... we had to grill him about his chat-up lines.

'My lines tend to be kind of stupid and immature,' he says.

'If a girl can laugh at a joke then I always think that's cool. That's fun, it's a good opener.'

And when it comes to dating, he likes to prepare things in advance but doesn't like anything too loud or fancy.

'I like dinner and a movie, and places that are not very loud.'

'My lines tend to be kind of stupid and immature. If a girl can laugh at a joke then I always think that's cool'
The craving for simplicity is reflected in the title of his latest album, Sex and Love.

'Sex And Love is the first title I thought of when I listened to the album,' he says.

'A lot of times I thought, "maybe it's too simple, too straightforward", but every time I thought of a new title kept coming back to Sex & Love.

'It's something we can all relate to.'

Enrique discusses his album - and top ways to chat up girls

Takin' their love to Paris: Enrique Iglesias is joined by long-term girlfriend Anna Kournikova who hits the shops while he promotes latest single

They were recently forced to brush off rumours they had split after 12 years together.

And showing they are still going strong Anna Kournikova headed to Paris to join boyfriend Enrique Iglesias as he promotes his latest single.

The former tennis player was seen hitting the shops, accompanied by an older gentleman, as the crooner got to work on Monday.
 Hard at work: Enrique Iglesias was seen doing promotional work in Paris on Monday
Occupying herself: Anna Kournikova was seen shopping while her boyfriend worked
Fitting in with chic French style Anna,32,  wrapped up in black over coat which was belted around the waist.

Adding a touch of sex appeal the pretty blonde wore a pair of black leather boots with a heel.

Her long hair fell loose down the side of her shoulder and she added a pair of sunglasses to complete her look.
 Company: The former tennis player was seen accompanied by an older male pal for her shopping trip
 Keeping the fans happy: The singer stopped to sign autographs as he finished work for the day
The pair reportedly split in October 2013 after 12 years together, however at the start of this year they were seen looking as loved up as ever while boating in Miami.

Meanwhile while Anna went shopping, Enrique who has been busy working on his 10th studio album recently, reportedly got a car to take him just 20 metres down a road from one hotel to another.

The 38-year-old singer was spotted departing the George V Hotel in Paris in a vehicle which is said to have taken him on a very short drive to the Hotel de Sers.
 Fun in France: The pretty blonde seemed to be having a great time as she strolled around

 Sexy shopping trip: Anna wore a pair of high leather boots with a belted black overcoat
After saving himself the walk, which would've taken around one minute, Enrique got out of the car looking in relaxed mood and only too happy to stop for pictures with his fans.

The Spanish star wore a buttoned-up dark cardigan over the top of a white T-shirt for his day in the French capital.

He wrapped up in a black coat, but also protected himself from the sun with an Atlantico baseball cap and a pair of aviator sunglasses.
 Va Va Voom: Enrique reportedly took a car for just a 20-metre journey from one hotel to another in Paris
 Mobbed: Enrique got out of the car looking in relaxed mood and only too happy stop for pictures with his fans
Enrique has recently been hard at work ahead of the release of his 10th studio album, Sex + Love, which is due out in March, and the Latino lothario has also dropped the video for his new single I'm A Freak.

The singer has joined forces with Pitbull for the track, for which Enrique turns up the heat in the clips, cavorting with scantily dressed women.

In one part of the video the singer can be seen with his arms folded on top of a woman who is wearing just her underwear.  
Raunchy: Enrique turns up the heat in the I'm A Freak video clips cavorting with scantily dressed women
 Party time: Enrique joined forces with Pitbull for his new track ahead of the release of his 10th studio album Sex + Love
What's more, the hunk  is surrounded by females as he parties in the footage while blasting out lyrics to the track.

However, some of the words in the song are somewhat controversial, such as: 'I tried to let it go, but I'm addicted to her chemicals, I got a piece, I want an overdose, I love the way she gets so physical, f***s like an animal.'

A representative of Enrique Iglesias has been contacted for comment. 
Going strong: Anna and Enrique endured recent break-up rumours

'I Like It!': Chilly Enrique Iglesias hugs fan after red hot performance on freezing NYC morning for Today show

Temperatures hovered just a snowflake above freezing in New York on Monday morning.

But that didn't stop hundreds of fans crowding into Rockefeller Centre for sultry Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias's steamy performance for NBC's The Today Show Concert Series.

And one lucky woman got a big hug from the handsome star - they probably both needed warming up.
Sharing the love...and the warmth: A lucky fan gets a big hug from Spanish singing superstar Enrique Iglesias after his Today Show Concert at a freezing Rockefeller Centre on Monday morning
Layering up: The 38-year-old wore a jacket over a fleece plus a red scarf and a blue cap to keep out the cold during his performance
The 38-year-old and his band bundled up in padded jackets, scarves and hats as they hit the stage at 6am to perform songs from his new album, Love & Sex, which will be released on Tuesday.

The celebrity also donned thick cargo pants and heavy boots, which didn't stop him from cutting some fancy dance moves.

Enrique soon heated up the plaza with three red hot tracks, Heart Attack, I Like It, which he sang in Spanish, and I'm A Freak.

A very chilly host Matt Lauer hugged the hunk as he interviewed him between numbers, saying: 'Nothing wrong with two guys cuddling for warmth here.'

Heating up the plaza: The hunky star danced energetically as he performed three tracks from his new album, Love & Sex
 Rockin' it: Enrique's playlist included Heart Attack, I Like It and I'm A Freak
And Enrique joked about the temperature: 'I thought it was going to be 85 - I think I made a mistake!'

The 6ft 2in star revealed that he is launching the Sex & Love tour with his pal, Pitbull, this autumn to support his new album, which is already No 1 in 18 countries.

Before then, he has three dates planned, starting with Mexico City on May 29.
 He's REALLY chillin': The star revealed he's set to go on a world tour in the autumn 'if my hands don't freeze'
He added: 'I'm touring all round the world - if my hands don't freeze.'

Enrique thanked the fans who had braved the cold to see him play, some of whom had waited outside all night, according to Matt.

And he handed out free tickets to his upcoming tour to lucky lottery winners in the crowd.
 Huddling for warmth: After the gig, Enrique mixed with fans, some of whom had waited overnight outside the studio to see him
Matt later tweeted: 'That's the way you warm up the plaza on a cold morning! -@MLauer at #EnriqueTODAY concert 5:51 AM'

Meanwhile, before the performance, Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie, 42, announced she and fiance Mike Feldman, 45, tied the knot over the weekend and also revealed she is four months pregnant.

The couple are expecting their first baby in late summer.

Enrique Iglesias claims his music video for 'I'm a Freak' wasn't supposed to be "sexy"

The 38-year-old heartthrob - who is in a long term relationship with former tennis ace Anna Kournikova - has insisted the video for his new single 'I'm a Freak' wasn't meant to be so raunchy.
 He said: "It wasn't supposed to be 'sexy', it's just a party. The director wanted to create something that was very organic. He went to his friend's house, threw a party and got shots of people having fun."

The 'Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)' hitmaker is good friends with fellow latino musician Pitbull, who features on 'I'm a Freak', and he admits that because they have such similar tastes in music they get along really well.

He told French radio station NRJ: "We both live in the same city. Actually his best friend went to high school with me.

"We both like a lot of the same music. We enjoy hanging together and listening to music."

Enrique also confessed that they are very similar when it comes to making new material.

He added: "He's one of those guys who, whenever he hears something that he likes he wants to be involved, he'll say, 'Let's do it!' And it happens straight away. And vice versa with me I will tell him and we'll do it."

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life su*ks in is lovely in details...

okay..this should start like this...
it's almost a month now..for what happened on 27th oct..i never imagined that something like this can happen with me ever..maybe the most realistic way of God..telling me that we guys are mortals..not vampires (God save us all me..) never willing to go through the events that happened that day ever agn bt here i go...

it was almost abt 6:30 am..when i was out of the railway-station..way back to hostel..lil-upset wid the a way too-excited with the heavy-pocket-money-from-mummy..looking for an auto-rickshaw..thinking abt the flipkart-wishlist..i cudn't wait to reach Kiran n yell to go out some-place-called magical-fountain of luck-no-w with Bhavana Singh (that's what we had planned for the day..if she remembers..)
ahem..well now i was in the auto..yet was looking-out for another..sounds weird bt ya...
[LESSON 2: we should always prior our instinct!] (bt it was my super-bad-day..i guess!)

1st of all..that lower-birth of my s3-coach gave me a frustrating-look (maybe for calling him uncle) widout e1 bothering to answer me for what i'd asked abt the arriving-station! (well i was simply referring a charming-hunk as that's how i should be how do i know someone behind frm his back!)
so good-morning..a bad-start itself!
[LESSON 1: never judge a person frm his/her back]

and now i cudn't stop scanning the face of the driver..he had a scar (a bad-n-SCARiest one)
on his nose..kinda natural-sania-mirza-nose-ring..then came the distraction wid my right-hand-side old lady (over-weighted offcourse) with her slim..dark-toned n over-conscious-son (appearin' for some xam..i guess!)
wid the start of the auto..the air was cool..breezy n consuming..then suddenly a rush n it was all wild..i had enjoyed somewhat 7-8 mins of the ride when we reached a four-fork (chauraha) [up board walon k liye meaning :P]
[LESSON 3: always ask for a slow-down..whenever u feel like a will eventually slow-down the prone-accidents n hence consequences..]

bt before i could say-out or do anythin' abt it..there was a collide..all of a sudden..from a jet-speed-bike only (thankfully no truck..or somethin' huge) everythin' was from-and-on-left (including me..unfortunately..)
so the collision had the sexiest-influences n effects on the un-safe-side ie..left-side..causing auto's inversion of the configuration ie..flipkart..i mean flipping of the huge-auto-machine on the left-side..yeah with the addition with little sliding..good enough to bring the hell out of u (providing wid scratches n scars that looks surely bad when they matures.. :( )
then-over this flipping n inversion (along wid the bonus-over-load of the lady-n-the-lad on me ) lead to a disjunction..of a shoulder! (offcourse-mine and definitely-left..) (this seems more like story-of-left..while luck was never on left at all..)
[LESSON 4: heart is on the left-side but ask u to stay n "sit" on the right-side]

this was the greatest of the pain i've been through n never felt this close to hell..i mean heaven!
those scars were nothing in comparison to that shoulder-ache..then came the chariot in-rescue lifting the rickshaw with me in it..when i couldn't stop yelling of pain n almost believing that i lost my hand..he gave me my bag and legs back to me saying: "par nahi hil raha hai ky_?"..when i started throwing my legs as if a proof that they were fine..before he could e1 complete his sentence..
what was more painful-n-heart-breaking at that moment was the women (all scar-free) refusing the driver to carry me hospital instead she was like ordering him to take them to the examination-venue..i didn't say a word to her..or e1 looked at her for any help or hope being busy gaining-sympathy from her arguing-son..asking her mother to show some she failed to do so!

now i was dying of the pain and of the helpless..useless..CID-inspired-crowd..when then the shattered n front-glass-broken auto didn't mind couldn't think of anything except pain..trying to figure it out..came parents.."no i couldn't call papa" was the response that came along..sunny..nai..kiran..yes..she was like my guardian there..i called her directly to the hospital and went away from the crowd to help myself..widout e1 a goodbye-look for that lady-raavan! i eventually got another auto as a lift (wid not-so-good-uncle..already in it) and was dragged to the nearest civil-hospital..n i still don't believe they simply-just-only first-aid no adhere to the greatest-injury of my life!..saying that i had to wait for 2 days for a referral for an x-ray if i think there's any disjoint or something..i was like..'what the fish!'

anyway..i have always been brave of the needles in my that day i was scared of e1 by the touch of the people..nevermind i got 1 injection as a pain-killer plus 1 2 killers..i will never forget the moment when i was laying on the bed and crying out of pain like a kid when i couldn't stop thinking about my mummy and wishing my not-so-little-sis Rinnie was there with me to see what i was going bother Sunny..Dipen..they were all hovering in my mind like anything..only i know how helpless i was feeling..
it was around 7:45 now..then came-in-the-interruption..some man drifting my thoughts and asking me to empty the bed for some other patient..when i could hardly e1 move of the concentrated pain..those killers weren't probably activated yet leaving two-tiny-painful-pores only..but i did manage and left the place in disgust..
[LESSON 5: never rely on a govt. hospital]

then came Kiran and Rupali..and i was like back to earth..reborn..seeing my people..thanks to God for such friends..Kiran was like financial-support during all this..i could rely on her for everything..thank god she was there to make me come out of all these so easily and for doing all what it takes so wisely..she has now done some of the weird stuffs for me..i never imagined she would ever be doing! n that's really sweet of her..helped me make-out more new friends like Akriti..who showed-up like a fairy to me helping us in every possible way..which i really appreciate..i can't imagine her asking an appointment for me wondering if my full name to be 'Swati Enrique'..

i never expected Rupali's mood to be jolly that day..something serious was there with her..acting weird n saying she was just trying make me feel light..haha..she was like a affection only a mother can posses..simply a remedy for everything bad..i actually started getting terrified everytime she was with her bowl of mustard-oil..a home-remedy u know! bt we always had a kala-hit! hehe..Diksha for being there as a sister making pony out of my hairs (how m gonna ever forget that!) and taking care of my medicines n meals..Bhavana Singh for always having a reserve of care and love for me n ya hunger for woodland shoes! :P just cannot forget shouting of Shubham for telling all these very lately to her..god please don't make me think of her whenever m with a Taylor's song on! i adore her so much..and yes distance didn't matter..proved right when i felt the same affection n care from my friends Neha..Raisa and Rahul..wonder how come Dinesh never ran-out of roses for us..n now i was gettin' more..found a brother in him..all those get-well-soon roses made me flash a smile everytime..miss u gorgeous guys Bhavana Shrivastava..Ruby..Rajni..u all made me feel special..thanku :)
all my get-well-soon roses :)
all over lucknow was a  great experience though the little-price is this crepe-bandage-thing for over a month..
so finally Gyan..Amit..Harshit all came to say a final goodbye and to help us wid our luggage (guys always do that)..will never be forgetting the last small things like Kiran n Amit getting me maza..i mean mazza..Harshit counting me as the 10th item along with the 9 luggage we were carrying during our return..haha..Gyan asking us to stay more..n refusing that he was crying..God knows the truth!..becuz of the rush we couldn't e1 properly say 'thank you' to u guys..u all are having each of ur own comedian inside the same reply for me..on Kiran's phone was epic! haha
[LESSON 6: make lotts n lottts of frnds..]

the idea of putting all this before u guys was to tell that i've realized that we have got this one short-simple's us who make it complicated..we can't take grudges with ourselves once we are done..n we should take time to say 'i'm sorry'..'please forgive me'..'thank you' or 'it's okay'..becuz if tomorrow never'll have no regrets abt today..this accident could have been making a use of this lifetime and timeline (fb) only..m here to fill the void that i feel everytime..whenever i hear the words best-friends..i can't help bt Saroj n Kiran Shukla r the names that strikes me..m sorry for all the past behaviors of mine..please take this as an apology..n frankly..after such a long time..i don't e1 remember the reason..i was upset wid u guys..n doesn't matter much to me now..i hope us to be fine n good frnds agn.. :)
well hats-off for all those..who have all really gone through the pain of reading all these..a heart-felt thanku.. :)
[LESSON 7: i better present things short-and-sweet.. :P ]

btw..i'm glad as now i can use both my hands as i type.. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Enrique Iglesias - Humming Hams!

He's has got some habit of irritating his director by hammering him with hams. :D

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Somebody's Me (Enrique Iglesias Cover) By Saurabh Siddheshwari Sharma

Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man, there's no boundary line to Art...
This is Freaking Awesome :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Enrique Iglesias "to go naked" if Spain wins 2014 World Cup

Visitors to London's Trafalgar Square could be in for a treat or a fright, depending on their point of view, if England or Spain win the World Cup this summer.
Enrique Iglesiashas struck a bet with chat show host Alan Carr that if either of their teams win the biggest prize in football they will go naked atop a statue in the world-famous square.

The unlikely wager was struck during the filming of Carr's Channel 4 show Chatty Man - which is set to be screened this evening at 10pm.

The host was grilling Iglesias about his naked water skiing after Spain won the last World Cup - and proposed a more interesting bet for this year's tournament.

"I'll have a bet with you, if Spain wins you have to do a bet and if England wins the World Cup I'll do a bet."

"OK, that's no problem," Enrique replied. "That would actually be great. What do you want to bet?"

"What would you do?" asked Al. "What about doing one of your gigs naked?"

"A whole gig!? A whole gig naked!?"

"Singing Hero naked," Carr bartered.

"OK let's do it, I'll do it! Wait that's a bit hard-core let me think about what I'm saying. I'll water ski naked again."

But Carr was unimpressed.

"You’ve done that. Boring now! Do you know what I thought, I was driving here to work today and I was thinking about bets for you, there’s this massive blue cock on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. If England win the World Cup, I will ride that naked!"

"You're going to ride the blue cock naked?" Enrique asked. "Do you know what I'll do the same thing. Let's just do the same thing. I'll ride the blue cock!"

"Why don’t you do something on the other podium, like a lion?"

"OK, I'll ride the lion! The lion sounds better than the blue cock!"

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

No slowing down! Enrique Iglesias puts on energetic performance as he kicks off his Sex And Love Tour in Puerto Rico

He already has sold over 100 million records worldwide, 13 number one songs on the Billboard dance chart, and is one of the best Spanish language artists of all time.

But it seems like Enrique Iglesias has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

The 38-year-old singer opened up his Sex And Love Tour in San Juan Puerto Rico on Friday.
Kickoff show: Enrique Iglesias, 38, opened up his Sex And Love Tour in San Juan Puerto Rico on Friday
He looked to be completely in his element as he performed at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

The Hero singer extended his arms while crooning throughout the concert and even got on his knees at the front of the stage during the set.

Enrique looked low key for his performance - sporting a cap, shirt, and jeans.
Emotional performance: The Hero singer even dropped down to his knees toward the front of the stage during the set
 Toned tunes: Enrique showed off his svelte figure and toned arms in a black V-neck as he sung
Costume change: The Loco singer donned both a white and black coloured shirt during the concert
Enrique donned a black V-neck shirt through one part of the set and a white one through another.

The Loco singer looked fit as he showed off his svelte frame and toned arms in his stage wear.

He accessorized the look with a brown leather belt, chain hanging from his belt loop to his back pocket, and a black bracelet on his wrist.

The tour continued the following night in New York and he is booked for another gig in Mexico on February 27.
 Signature digs: Enrique donned the look that most fans are accustomed to: a cap, shirt, and jeans
Bailamos: The I'm A Freak singer seemed to let the rhythm take him over as he extended his arms often during the performance
The Sex And Love tour is in conjunction with his upcoming 10th album of the same name.

The singer recently released his first single I'm A Freak.

Enrique gave fans a tantalising visual of his muscly form in the music video - he cavorts around with scantily clad women.
Sex And Love: The tour is in conjunction with his upcoming album released out on March 18

'I love him, he's crazy': Enrique Iglesias dishes on puppy love

A dog may be a man's best friend, but Enrique Iglesias seems to be pretty good at returning the favor.

Even with a crazy work schedule, recording and promoting his latest album, "Sex and Love," the singer says he tries to avoid being away from his dog Jack for too long.

Iglesias posted this photo of himself with his pet, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, on Instagram and Twitter earlier this month.

"Whenever I come back home, he always jumps on top of me and goes absolutely bonkers," Iglesias said. See what else he shared about his puppy love:

After two weeks on the road, Enrique Iglesias' puppy, Jack, goes crazy whenever the singer comes home.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape your fans! Enrique Iglesias is mobbed outside BBC Radio 2 studios

He’s been doing the rounds to promote his new album, and Enrique Iglesias has been surrounded by his fans at every step.

That didn’t change on Saturday as the Latin heartthrob arrived at the BBC Radio 2 studios with a mob of admirers all vying for an autograph.

Luckily for them, Enrique, 38, proved himself to be quite the fan please, and he made time to stop and sign his signature before making his way into the radio building.
They love him: Enrique Iglesias is swarmed by fans outside the BBC Radio 2 studios
 Keeping it casual: Enrique stepped out in a baseball cap with a jacket jeans and trainers
 I'm A Freak: The Latin singer is promoting his new single and album
The singer stepped out in a baseball cap as usual, worn with dark shades, a grey jacket, jumper, jeans and trainers, clearly bracing himself for the cold weather, and then hot-footed it to Capital FM's studios on Leicester Square.

Later that day, Enrique made an appearance on The Voice UK Results Show where he performed his new single I’m A Freak.

He even made sure to get a snap with pintsize pop princess Kylie Minogue backstage at the show.
On to the next one: Enrique headed to Capital FM studios
Promo tour: The singer has been travelling the world to talk about his new album Sex And Love
 Another guest: Kylie Minogue was also spotted at the BBC Radio studios on Saturday
Catch up: Enrique and Kylie hung out backstage at The Voice later that day
Enrique recently launched a new new app for his fans, called Freakout, which is available on iTunes.

Anna Kournikova Hasn't Met Enrique Iglesias' Dad Julio Iglesias After 12 Years of Dating

Shocking: His father, Julio Iglesias, has never met his girlfriend of 12 years Anna Kournikova
He seems to be travelling without his on-off girlfriend, former tennis player Anna Kournikova, but more surprising than her not touring with him is the fact his father has never actually met her.

Julio Iglesias has admitted he and Anna have never been introduced, even though his son has dated her for 12 years.

Julio told The Mirror: ‘You know, I have to tell the truth, I have never met Anna. Yes, my wife, and my kids and his brothers have, but I have never met her, no, no, never.’
 Still going strong: Enrique and Anna have been dating on and off since 2001
 Performance: Enrique sang his new single on The Voice UK, Saturday night
‘My kids are very independent and it is difficult to see Enrique because he is all over the world. But Anna is very beautiful - they have good taste, my kids.’

Julio added: ‘I am very proud of Enrique - you know it's not as easy to follow in the same steps as that of the father. Like if you play tennis normally the kid doesn't play tennis like the father.

‘But Enrique is in the same class of guys like Michael Douglas and Liza Minnelli. The music is very different to mine and he has gone his own way, I don't like to interfere with that.’

Enrique Iglesias: Sex is important, but not honest!

The Latino star, who has been in an on/off relationship with tennis player Anna Kournikova since 2001, believes love doesn't work without the physical side of things.

Quizzed which of the two things in his new album's title, 'Sex + Love', he couldn't live without, he pondered: ''That's a tough one! Some couples would say that sex isn't important but I tend to disagree with that. Sex is extremely important! Sex keeps you alive... but obviously without love... I think it's a balance of both.

''I think too much sex can probably be bad, but just love by itself can be difficult - if you're in a relationship that can be difficult to survive. I think you need both.''
   Enrique's music has become more risque in his last two albums and he insists his X-rated lyrics and sexy videos - his latest one for 'I'm a Freak' sees him caressing a girl's bottom - are simply an honest reflection of reality.

He told Attitude magazine: ''If you'd told me 10 years ago that I was going to sing a song called 'Tonight (I'm F**king You)', I would have told you that you were absolutely nuts! But when I sang that song I personally fell in love with it. I thought it was so straightforward, so direct and so real.

''How many of us have thought about saying that to a person but not had the guts to do it! I think there's an honesty to that. That's why I called the album 'Sex + Love', because sex can be fun, it can be raw, but sometimes one thing it's not is honest.''

''Some people might say, 'Oh that's so immature that you would say that' or 'Why are there so many naked people at that party going crazy and drinking?' But I'm like, 'Dude, that's just part of reality!' ''

Bollywood's Salim & Sulaiman to collaborate with Enrique Iglesias?

Music composers Salim-Sulaiman — who've already made their first foray into the West by composing for the Hollywood film Sold — have now collaborated with Enrique Iglesias for an international version of his track Freak.

"We were contacted by his management for this version. Unlike other tracks, which have collaborations with people for specific markets, ours will be a worldwide release. Shraddha Pandit has penned the lyrics for this track. While the song will release later this month, we will also shoot for a video, which will be interspersed with Enrique's video and released worldwide as well," says Salim.

Enrique Iglesias: I Would Consider Being An X Factor Judge

The Spanish hottie exclusively talks to us potentially filling the fourth spot
Pretty much everyone in the pop universe has been rumoured to be in talks to join the show.

Enrique Iglesias wouldn't rule out being a judge on The X Factor. Copyright [Splash]

And now Enrique Iglesias has admitted that he'd 'consider' taking a role on The X Factor - talking to us exclusively.

The Spanish heartthrob, who has just released brand new album Sex and Love, admitted that he wouldn't rule out taking a job as a judge - despite already turning down roles on American Idol and The Voice US.

He told us: "Of course I would consider it - lots of people judge these shows now, so I definitely wouldn't rule it out.

Enrique added: "I heard that Simon's back on the panel this year - it's going to be good.

"I was actually asked to be on American Idol but I had to turn it down - they approached me about The Voice too.

"I'm going to be on the Voice UK actually - but just performing not being a judge so don't get too excited!"

The 38-year-old is back with some more classic dance tracks (and ballads, obvs) with his new album - and the title doesn't exactly beat around the bush.

He told us: "Do you think it's raunchy? I think it's pretty straightforward. Sex and love are two of the most basic and important things in life.

"Obviously there is more to life, but they are pretty important."

Enrique Iglesias Girlfriends & Dating History!

Enrique Iglesias is a big star in the music world, and his longtime girlfriend Anna Kournikova is a huge name in tennis. Together, they're unstoppable! And they have over a decade behind them.

These two have been dating since 2002 and were even rumored to be married. They've never confirmed the buzz, but it's highly speculated that they are indeed hitched. Still, it's not true until they say it's true, right?

Otherwise, Iglesias has been in a few other high-profile relationships over the years. He dated Playboy model Samantha Torres in the '90s, had a fling with Christina Aguilera (allegedly) in 1998, was rumored to be with Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2001, and then got with the tennis star and has been with her since. However, there were some scandalous rumors that the singer hooked up with an Irish actress in a bathroom in England in 2004, though, of course, that's wildly speculated.

Enrique Iglesias dated Samantha Torres

Enrique Iglesias and Playboy model Samantha Torres dated back in 1997.

Enrique Iglesias had a fling with Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias got hot and heavy on the dance floor following a concert in NYC tonight, and the two were even spotted lip-locking! Christina's rep didn't deny the dirty dancing, but did say "I do know they didn't go home together." The two were spotted together a few times after that, but their relationship didn't seem to progress.

Enrique Iglesias was rumored to be with Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Enrique Iglesias were rumored to have had a fling in 2001 when she worked with him on the video for 'Hero.'

Enrique Iglesias was rumored to be with Emma Kearney
Enrique Iglesias and Irish actress Emma Kearney allegedly had a fling in a bathroom in England in 2004, while the singer was dating his tennis star girlfriend Anna Kournikova.

2002 - Present
Enrique Iglesias is dating Anna Kournikova

In late 2001, Kournikova starred in Enrique's "Escape" video. In 2003 and again in 2005, rumors of their secret wedding spread but the two did not confirm or deny the marriage. In a 2010 interview, Kournikova confirmed that she and Iglesias have been together for over eight years but have no plans to marry in the near future.

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