Friday, April 18, 2014

life su*ks in is lovely in details...

okay..this should start like this...
it's almost a month now..for what happened on 27th oct..i never imagined that something like this can happen with me ever..maybe the most realistic way of God..telling me that we guys are mortals..not vampires (God save us all me..) never willing to go through the events that happened that day ever agn bt here i go...

it was almost abt 6:30 am..when i was out of the railway-station..way back to hostel..lil-upset wid the a way too-excited with the heavy-pocket-money-from-mummy..looking for an auto-rickshaw..thinking abt the flipkart-wishlist..i cudn't wait to reach Kiran n yell to go out some-place-called magical-fountain of luck-no-w with Bhavana Singh (that's what we had planned for the day..if she remembers..)
ahem..well now i was in the auto..yet was looking-out for another..sounds weird bt ya...
[LESSON 2: we should always prior our instinct!] (bt it was my super-bad-day..i guess!)

1st of all..that lower-birth of my s3-coach gave me a frustrating-look (maybe for calling him uncle) widout e1 bothering to answer me for what i'd asked abt the arriving-station! (well i was simply referring a charming-hunk as that's how i should be how do i know someone behind frm his back!)
so good-morning..a bad-start itself!
[LESSON 1: never judge a person frm his/her back]

and now i cudn't stop scanning the face of the driver..he had a scar (a bad-n-SCARiest one)
on his nose..kinda natural-sania-mirza-nose-ring..then came the distraction wid my right-hand-side old lady (over-weighted offcourse) with her slim..dark-toned n over-conscious-son (appearin' for some xam..i guess!)
wid the start of the auto..the air was cool..breezy n consuming..then suddenly a rush n it was all wild..i had enjoyed somewhat 7-8 mins of the ride when we reached a four-fork (chauraha) [up board walon k liye meaning :P]
[LESSON 3: always ask for a slow-down..whenever u feel like a will eventually slow-down the prone-accidents n hence consequences..]

bt before i could say-out or do anythin' abt it..there was a collide..all of a sudden..from a jet-speed-bike only (thankfully no truck..or somethin' huge) everythin' was from-and-on-left (including me..unfortunately..)
so the collision had the sexiest-influences n effects on the un-safe-side ie..left-side..causing auto's inversion of the configuration ie..flipkart..i mean flipping of the huge-auto-machine on the left-side..yeah with the addition with little sliding..good enough to bring the hell out of u (providing wid scratches n scars that looks surely bad when they matures.. :( )
then-over this flipping n inversion (along wid the bonus-over-load of the lady-n-the-lad on me ) lead to a disjunction..of a shoulder! (offcourse-mine and definitely-left..) (this seems more like story-of-left..while luck was never on left at all..)
[LESSON 4: heart is on the left-side but ask u to stay n "sit" on the right-side]

this was the greatest of the pain i've been through n never felt this close to hell..i mean heaven!
those scars were nothing in comparison to that shoulder-ache..then came the chariot in-rescue lifting the rickshaw with me in it..when i couldn't stop yelling of pain n almost believing that i lost my hand..he gave me my bag and legs back to me saying: "par nahi hil raha hai ky_?"..when i started throwing my legs as if a proof that they were fine..before he could e1 complete his sentence..
what was more painful-n-heart-breaking at that moment was the women (all scar-free) refusing the driver to carry me hospital instead she was like ordering him to take them to the examination-venue..i didn't say a word to her..or e1 looked at her for any help or hope being busy gaining-sympathy from her arguing-son..asking her mother to show some she failed to do so!

now i was dying of the pain and of the helpless..useless..CID-inspired-crowd..when then the shattered n front-glass-broken auto didn't mind couldn't think of anything except pain..trying to figure it out..came parents.."no i couldn't call papa" was the response that came along..sunny..nai..kiran..yes..she was like my guardian there..i called her directly to the hospital and went away from the crowd to help myself..widout e1 a goodbye-look for that lady-raavan! i eventually got another auto as a lift (wid not-so-good-uncle..already in it) and was dragged to the nearest civil-hospital..n i still don't believe they simply-just-only first-aid no adhere to the greatest-injury of my life!..saying that i had to wait for 2 days for a referral for an x-ray if i think there's any disjoint or something..i was like..'what the fish!'

anyway..i have always been brave of the needles in my that day i was scared of e1 by the touch of the people..nevermind i got 1 injection as a pain-killer plus 1 2 killers..i will never forget the moment when i was laying on the bed and crying out of pain like a kid when i couldn't stop thinking about my mummy and wishing my not-so-little-sis Rinnie was there with me to see what i was going bother Sunny..Dipen..they were all hovering in my mind like anything..only i know how helpless i was feeling..
it was around 7:45 now..then came-in-the-interruption..some man drifting my thoughts and asking me to empty the bed for some other patient..when i could hardly e1 move of the concentrated pain..those killers weren't probably activated yet leaving two-tiny-painful-pores only..but i did manage and left the place in disgust..
[LESSON 5: never rely on a govt. hospital]

then came Kiran and Rupali..and i was like back to earth..reborn..seeing my people..thanks to God for such friends..Kiran was like financial-support during all this..i could rely on her for everything..thank god she was there to make me come out of all these so easily and for doing all what it takes so wisely..she has now done some of the weird stuffs for me..i never imagined she would ever be doing! n that's really sweet of her..helped me make-out more new friends like Akriti..who showed-up like a fairy to me helping us in every possible way..which i really appreciate..i can't imagine her asking an appointment for me wondering if my full name to be 'Swati Enrique'..

i never expected Rupali's mood to be jolly that day..something serious was there with her..acting weird n saying she was just trying make me feel light..haha..she was like a affection only a mother can posses..simply a remedy for everything bad..i actually started getting terrified everytime she was with her bowl of mustard-oil..a home-remedy u know! bt we always had a kala-hit! hehe..Diksha for being there as a sister making pony out of my hairs (how m gonna ever forget that!) and taking care of my medicines n meals..Bhavana Singh for always having a reserve of care and love for me n ya hunger for woodland shoes! :P just cannot forget shouting of Shubham for telling all these very lately to her..god please don't make me think of her whenever m with a Taylor's song on! i adore her so much..and yes distance didn't matter..proved right when i felt the same affection n care from my friends Neha..Raisa and Rahul..wonder how come Dinesh never ran-out of roses for us..n now i was gettin' more..found a brother in him..all those get-well-soon roses made me flash a smile everytime..miss u gorgeous guys Bhavana Shrivastava..Ruby..Rajni..u all made me feel special..thanku :)
all my get-well-soon roses :)
all over lucknow was a  great experience though the little-price is this crepe-bandage-thing for over a month..
so finally Gyan..Amit..Harshit all came to say a final goodbye and to help us wid our luggage (guys always do that)..will never be forgetting the last small things like Kiran n Amit getting me maza..i mean mazza..Harshit counting me as the 10th item along with the 9 luggage we were carrying during our return..haha..Gyan asking us to stay more..n refusing that he was crying..God knows the truth!..becuz of the rush we couldn't e1 properly say 'thank you' to u guys..u all are having each of ur own comedian inside the same reply for me..on Kiran's phone was epic! haha
[LESSON 6: make lotts n lottts of frnds..]

the idea of putting all this before u guys was to tell that i've realized that we have got this one short-simple's us who make it complicated..we can't take grudges with ourselves once we are done..n we should take time to say 'i'm sorry'..'please forgive me'..'thank you' or 'it's okay'..becuz if tomorrow never'll have no regrets abt today..this accident could have been making a use of this lifetime and timeline (fb) only..m here to fill the void that i feel everytime..whenever i hear the words best-friends..i can't help bt Saroj n Kiran Shukla r the names that strikes me..m sorry for all the past behaviors of mine..please take this as an apology..n frankly..after such a long time..i don't e1 remember the reason..i was upset wid u guys..n doesn't matter much to me now..i hope us to be fine n good frnds agn.. :)
well hats-off for all those..who have all really gone through the pain of reading all these..a heart-felt thanku.. :)
[LESSON 7: i better present things short-and-sweet.. :P ]

btw..i'm glad as now i can use both my hands as i type.. :)

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