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On Girls Being Ditched

Enrique Iglesias on:girls being ditched and dying alone...

It should be all too easy to loathe swivel-hipped Enrique Iglesias.
Tall, impossibly good-looking, rich and dating one of the world's most beautiful women,
he's had his cake, eaten it and rubbed it all over your face.
Girlfriend Anna Kournikova aside, Enrique has been absurdly successful,
with more No 1s than The Beatles while selling more than 50 million albums worldwide.
Indeed, all right-minded men should hate him. But the sickening truth is that Enrique,
the son of legendary crooner Julio, is horribly likeable.
Despite being a hot-blooded Spaniard whose father famously
boasted of sleeping with 3,000 women, he's no Russell Brand.

• "I learned all I know about women from my dad," he says.

• "He had a lot of girlfriends. But I figured out that sleeping with thousands of women wasn't the way I wanted to live my life.

• "I don't think it's bad, it's just not for me. At the age of 33, that would have been a new girl every other day. No thanks."

• He adds, smiling: "To be honest, I think my dad was bulls**tting anyway. I don't believe he slept with anything like that many.

• "Anyway, Anna is a thousand times better-looking than I am. When we're out together, people only look at her. I don't mind.

• "For me, it was a lot easier with women after I had a hit record. I used to go to clubs and, I swear, not one person would turn around, not one girl. I had to do all the hard work.

• "Then, when I was on television, they were picking me up. That's the reality of showbiz. I had a lovely time. As long as you only date groupies, not marry them, it's fine.

• "I still think the attention is fabulous. But I don't cheat on my girlfriend. I'd never want to be in an open relationship. And Anna is not the kind of girl to put up with that s**t."
Enrique is nothing if not laid-back.
Two girls recently claimed to have had flings with Enrique while he was with Anna,
but he dismisses these with typical good humour.

• "I think it's great that I've slept with girls I've not even met," he says, chuckling. "One was a Kylie Minogue body double. Apparently we were watching telly in my hotel room.

• "Another said I'd given her a carpet burn on her back which won't tan properly and it reminds her of me.

• "Hilarious. I never even saw these girls.

• "Luckily, Anna's not a jealous girl. She's cool and she's tough.

• But I would never play away. She'd kick my a**e."

They've been together six years, ever since tennis star Anna, 27, appeared in one of his pop videos.
But for a clearly smitten, often rather soppy 33-year-old man who calls the long-legged Russian "the love of my life", he remains remarkably reticent about their future.

• "Life goes by so fast," he says solemnly. "My 20s were a blur. I want to enjoy the good moments.
They could involve marriage and kids, but not yet.

• "My grandfather had a baby when he was 92. Now there was a man who knew how to live.

• "Anna's clock may be ticking but I don't think she's ready for kids either. We talked about it all one day and she said that she wouldn't marry me. And she meant it. She said I'm probably just a guy she wants to date for a few years, then she'll leave me. I'm cool with that.

• "Obviously I'm with her because she's my dream woman. But if she left me tomorrow, what am I going to do? She would have no trouble finding the guy she wants to marry."

• He adds: "People break up all the time. The reality is people get married, think it's going to be for ever, then they get divorced."
Enrique is understandably mindful of his parents, who divorced when he was just three.

• "My father was a singer and had to make a choice - his family or his career. He picked his career, which funnily enough I always understood. It didn't bother me.

• "Yes, it was a selfish choice but sometimes you've got to help yourself before you help others.

• "My parents did a great job. Could my dad have been a lot more with his kids? Yes, but it didn't make me a worse person. It didn't affect me in any negative way. " He says it matter-of-factly, without rancour. But there is no doubt that the family break-up left him with a blinkered view of commitment.

• "I'm happy and in love now " he says. "But I see myself dying alone on some Florida beach, surfing. I've always liked being on my own. I think more clearly. An athlete's performance suffers the minute he gets a girlfriend. The same is true of a singer.

• "Even if Anna and I were to have children, I wouldn't think marriage was that important. And even if we did get married, I'd do it in a drive-through in Vegas. But Anna wouldn't marry someone like me, even if I try."

• He's a funny old soul is Enrique.
One moment he's cooing: "Love is lust that lasts and develops into trust and friendship." Then he adds, winking: "Yeah, I know. Convincing bulls**t."

• For a man who made his name churning out sentimental ballads, he's rather more maudlin than one would expect. "It's like with comedians," he says. "You watch them on TV and you think they're going to be funny, 24 hours a day. But a lot of them are depressives.

• "The same is true of someone like me. When I write a sensitive love song, it's about how I would like to be, not how I really am."

Today Enrique is a huge star in his own right. But as a struggling singer he grew up with big boots to fill. For years he refused to talk about his father, who he's seen twice in the last five years.
Yet Enrique has clearly stepped out of 65-year-old Julio's shadow.
When the photographer accidentally calls him Julio, he snaps, cool as you like, "It's funny how only 60-year-old men get me muddled up with my father.""
Touche: the photographer is 42.

• Enrique goes on: "I always knew it would be tough following my father. In the beginning, I was always introduced as 'the son of' and that used to p**s me off. If I'd been a flop, it would still bother me. But now I've had my share of success, I don't mind."

• "When you grow up with famous parents, there are two routes you can take - you work hard, or you behave like a spoilt brat. I took the first route. I have my father to thank as he never spoiled me.

• "And though I barely ever see him we get along. He taught me that who you surround yourself with is who you become. Surround yourself with smart people, you're going to do smart things. Surround yourself with stupid people, you're going to do stupid things."

• Presumably then, Enrique is good at tennis? "No, I don't play. But my brother took on Anna once and she thrashed him, 6-0, 6-0. I don't think he's gotten over it." He shakes his head, as if in awe.

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