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Tell Us! What Do You Fans Think? Enrique Iglesias: hotter then or now?

It's that time again – we need you to stare at two pictures of men and tell us which one is prettier.

So when it comes to Enrique, did you fancy him in the earlier crooning days, or is it the more mature version that you’d like to (soz for what’s about to come) be your hero?

Try not to let the fact that the older he gets, the more he’ll look like his dad Julio (ask your mum) affect your decision.

Enrique Iglesias says his career is going full blast

Singer Enrique Iglesias said that he is experiencing a time of euphoria, not only because that is the name of his latest album ("Euphoria"), but also because he is at a point in his career that he never could have imagined when he began it.
 Just a few days before he concludes his North American tour with Jennifer Lopez, the Madrid native took a break in Los Angeles, the city where he recorded his first album 17 years ago ("Enrique Iglesias"), to review his career.

"As an artist, I've been very fortunate," Iglesias told EFE.

"If they would have told me when I was just 18 that I was going to have a career that would last so long, I'd have said it was impossible, that it was crazy that that could happen in my life, so I'm happy to be here. To be able to go out on stage every day," said Iglesias, who spoke bluntly about what he called his "religious experience".

Calm and cordial with the press and affectionate with his fans, to the point of kissing some of them on the lips at concerts, where he also pulls them onstage to sing, the 37-year-old Iglesias is aware of his privileged situation at a moment of crisis, especially in his native country, Spain.

"There are days that I wake up and I complain, and when I complain I pinch myself and say, 'that's for complaining'. Not many people can do what they really like in life," Iglesias, the son of crooner Julio Iglesias, said.

"Being happy," he said in response to a question about his ambitions for the future.

"My motivations are thinking I can write better songs, that the concerts can be better," Iglesias said, although he did not get specific about when he would return to the studio to record a new album, after being on tour for two years.

"The next album scares me a little because I've put so much effort, so much work, into this one," said Iglesias, who moved into the first rank among international music stars with numbers like "I Like It", "Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)", "Dirty Dancer" and "I Like How It Feels".

"There are albums where what you hope for happens and there are albums where it doesn't," the singer-songwriter, who has released nine LP albums and two collections of hits and has sold more than 70 million records worldwide, said.

"For me (the new album) would not take more than six months, but unfortunately that is outside my control. I can take six months or I can take six years," Iglesias said, adding that he continues writing songs and releasing singles.

The latest of his numbers to be released was "Finally Found You", on which he had the help of Sammy Adams and which the singer presented last Friday on his Facebook page. The number will go on sale on iTunes in the US Sep 25.

Iglesias will wrap up his tour with Jennifer Lopez - which kicked off July 14 in Montreal - Sep 2 in Orlando, Florida, and Mexico's Frankie J. has also been participating in the project, which the Spaniard says has been "spectacular" and "interesting."

"When you know that the end is going to come you begin to get a little nostalgic," the singer, who is being discussed as a judge for "American Idol" but who, at present, is scheduled to continue giving solo concerts, said.

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Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova Make Sex Tapes!

Enrique Iglesias has confirmed that he and his long term partner Anna Kournikova have gotten intimate in front of the camera plenty of times!

In an interview with a Spanish magazine this week, Enrique revealed that they've had a camera in the bedroom for years, and whenever they're in the mood, they tape themselves.

Enrique said "All couples, if they trust each other, should have a camera in the bedroom. It's nice to go back to an earlier moment of our lives and see ourselves then. It's like a memory made real"

When asked if he ever worries the vids will leak on the internet and be just another celeb sex scandal he said "Let's face it, raw footage this good can never be 100% protected. So we lock the videos in a safe deposit box. We've got so much footage, we may rent another box soon."

Wow! That's a lot of sex tapes! Would you ever make a sex tape with your partner or is it just too risky?

Interview: Jingle Bash headliner Enrique Iglesias bashes himself (just a little)

Someone must have told Enrique Iglesias he rambles on too much, because the Spanish pop star seemed self-conscious about his longer responses during our phone conversation in late November. Well, that or he was just being self-deprecating — as he’s known to do.

“Am I talking too much?” Iglesias asked on two separate occassions.

He wasn’t. And even if he was, there was no need to put Iglesias down. He does it enough to himself.

Iglesias said his English could be better, which worries him because he doesn’t think his Spanish is great, either. As for his acting role in 2003’s “Once Upon a Time in Mexico,” he said he refused to audition because he was worried he would get nervous and “(Mess) it up.” And unlike some artists who claim they always knew they’d make it big in the music industry, Iglesias said he was convinced he wouldn’t last long when he released his self-titled debut album in 1995.

“I didn’t expect to be around a year,” Iglesias said. “After the first tour, I was like ‘What do I do now?’ I thought it was over.”

Since then, Iglesias has released several albums in both English and Spanish and found success on the charts with the singles “Bailamos,” “Hero” and “I Like It.” Ironically, Iglesias’ previous record label was reluctant to release the latter song, which eventually reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“I remember being at the record company playing ‘I Like It’ and them saying, ‘It’s never going to work. It’s too Euro,’” Iglesias said. “I had it for two years and was going nuts thinking, ‘This has to come out.’ I wanted that song as a single for the greatest hits album and they didn’t take it. … It felt so good (when the song became a hit), you don’t even know. I’ve been wrong in my career, but this felt so good.”

Iglesias performed the song with rapper Pitbull during halftime of the Dallas Cowboys-Miami Dolphins game on Thanksgiving and performed “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)” with Ludacris during the American Music Awards earlier that week. On Saturday, he will take the stage at Allstate Arena for the second time in three months to headline the sold-out B96 Jingle Bash along with Selena Gomez, LMFAO and Joe Jonas, among others.

Don’t expect to see as much of the 36-year-old Iglesias once he’s done touring and promoting his 2010 album, “Euphoria.” “When I’m not working, I don’t like being in the spotlight,” he said. “You won’t see me. I’m not a fan of red carpets.”

Still, he understands celebs make headlines even when they don’t mean to — especially when they’re dating another celebrity. Iglesias has been with tennis star-turned-model Anna Kournikova for 10 years and said the reports of a secret marriage five years ago are false. He does, however, admit to playing along with interviewers who haven’t done their homework.

“I have a very stupid sense of humor,” Iglesias said. “If a reporter asks me how my marriage of five years is going, I’ll say, ‘We recently got divorced.’ And they’ll write it. But I have a good relationship with the media and understand the business. I understand there’s compromise. You pay a price, but the return is greater.”

Anna Kournikova Shows Off Giant Ring (Again) at LAX

For years, Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have kept the public guessing on the status of their relationship, with Iglesias even telling an interviewer that they'd been married at one point.

He later dismissed his statements as a joke (funny one, Enrique!), but that hasn't kept people from wondering whether there was some truth to his admission.

Now Anna Kournikova has been sporting a gigantic ring on her left ring finger for ages, and no one seems to know what it means. Since you can't trust either of these two to get a straight answer, who knows?

Enrique Iglesias reveals the secret of his success with the opposite sex

Enrique Iglesias clears the air on his marital status
The son of legendary romantic Spaniard Julio is one of the world's top male pop stars and admits his luck with the fairer sex is all down to his success.
 "Fame is quite an aphrodisiac," Iglesias told The Sunday Telegraph before taking to the stage for the first show of the Australian leg of his Euphoria tour at Acer Arena last night.
"It's definitely a thousand times easier to get laid, I might as well be blunt about it. The celebrity life, there's something about it."
Iglesias must get plenty of attention then.

He's sold more than 55 million albums worldwide, and a further 40 million singles, most recently soaring to the top of the charts with his hits Dirty Dancer, Tonight I'm Lovin' You and I Like It.
The 34-year-old has been in a relationship with tennis star Anna Kournikova for 10 years.
The pair is fiercely private and very rarely comment on their relationship.
But Iglesias declares: "I'm not married."

From Sydney he takes his show to Brisbane's Entertainment Centre tomorrow night, then on to Melbourne for two shows.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova NOT Expecting First Child

Is Enrique Iglesias going to be a father? Sure! Is it going to be anytime soon? Nope.

Despite recent reports that Enrique and his longtime love Anna Kournikova are expecting their baby, his rep tells Hollyscoop the rumor is "so not true."
There was a rumor that Enrique and Anna invited some friends over to their Miami home and told them they were expecting. The "insider" from the party must have had too much wine because the entire story is fabricated.

Hollyscoop recently spoke to Enrique about the possibility of having children and he responded with a big fat “NO."
He added, "Not right now, I love kids…but no.”

We hear a new baby/engagement/wedding rumor about Enrique and Anna every couple of months, so I guess we were overdue for it. Either way, this rumor is: False!

Enrique Iglesias's "Hero" Needs To Be Saved From Its Syrupy Balladry

This month, to celebrate the Internet's unbridled love for wallowing in nostalgia and even greater relishing of talking about why certain cultural artifacts are horrible, Sound of the City presents First Worsts, a series in which our writers remember the first time... they ever hated a song enough to call it The Worst. (And to be fair, we're also going to see how these songs have stood the test of time.)
THE SONG: Enrique Iglesias, "Hero."
THE YEAR: 2001.
THE REASONS: Treacle and balladry.

You know you're either destined to be a music critic or a sad, depleted adult —yes, yes, you're so funny—when you realize you spent multiple nights as a preteen hunched over a clock radio with a legal pad, writing down the names of everything on the radio, plus playcounts, plus thoughts, plus hearts doodled in the margins because you are in fact a tween.
I was in fact a tween, and it was on purpose; it was part of my trying so hard to metamorphose from a computer geek with helmet hair and mismatched clothes to a real preteen girl, the sort who'd appear mid-leap on the cover of a Delia's catalog. The quest was doomed, of course, but nobody could say I didn't try. I persuaded my parents to buy me everything in olive green and burnt orange because that was, more or less, the Abercrombie color scheme. I subscribed to every teen magazine on the shelves, from the "legit" ones like Seventeen to the ones that were really just Pinterest boards of celebrities like J-14.

Enrique Iglesias, "Hero"

And I listened to a lot of pop music. Partly this was because that's what was done, partly I'd been primed by my sorority babysitters' always-on radio and the VH1 countdowns my grandmother put on after school, but most of it wasn't environmental at all. The genre—like the magazines—has always been aspirational music for preteens, and the still-not-latent nerd in me wanted to figure out how and why exactly that happened. So I wrote reviews, all of which were terrible. (Thanks to Geocities mirrors, I can report that one Creed blurb contained the sentence "points for originality," and that there was an Energizer bunny reference elsewhere, plus multiple instances of "music with a good message.") I made playlists: the crush mix for staring at yearbook photos of the class president on a field trip (something I'm sure I did after seeing it in a movie); the party mix for being driven to dances and pretending they were the club; the self-confident mix for summers at the water park, watching the older, cooler people around me (including at least one babysitter) frolic in swimsuits and get hit on by lifeguards and pretending that if I listened hard enough, I'd get the key to that secret teenage world. There was nothing I couldn't think I related to.

Nothing, that is, except one particular genre of song: the one where earnest, quavery guys crooned to you about their feeeeeeeeeelings. These were always ballads, but balladry alone was no sin; I willingly listened to Christina Aguilera's "I Turn to You" no matter how much I associated it with my summer-camp crush ditching me for some girl in jeggings. (That wasn't yet a term, but make no mistake: they were jeggings.) No, these were the clammy caresses of pop-rock balladeers, the kind that seemed like so much bullshit considering how actual middle-school boys were the absolute worst, the sort of people who wouldn't serenade you but stand you up or call you a dumbass bitch during ballroom dance lessons. Plus, the songs were generally terrible.

2001 was particularly dismal for these. The year in pop was actually pretty great, even ten years later with hardened ears, but only after dismissing the likes of O-Town's "All or Nothing," which even then registered as an attempt to string together every cliché in the English and musical languages, or K-Ci and JoJo's "Crazy," about which I remember nothing but the chorus's puddle of warbly "crazycrazycrazy" bibble that, to my ears, felt like K-Ci and JoJo following me around whining and blowing raspberries in my face, maybe hoping that if they just pissed and moaned enough I'd decide singledom just wasn't worth it.

None of these were the absolute worst, though. The absolute worst belonged to Enrique Iglesias, Latin-pop legend Julio Iglesias's son whose single "Hero" was heavily promoted around September 11 for mostly extramusical reasons. I knew neither of these things. I only knew that this song was everywhere—and could prove it, considering I'd tallied the damn playcounts—and I couldn't go to any school event or retail store or anywhere with a radio without being accosted by gentle guitar and strings and Enrique bleating "I can be your hero, ba-a-a-a-a-a-by, I can kiss away the pain..." until heroics, pet names and grown-up relationships all seemed like pretty poor ideas, and ballads worse still.

I hadn't knowingly heard this since it slipped off the radio until now, and I can't justify my instant negative reaction. Every element is something I'll accept, even like, from other ballads. Those elements, however, include: limpid strings; a guitar line that goes nowhere and does nothing, like somebody swirling a fork in a puddle of molasses; a bongo loop Enrique either got from the presets directory or a Waves store by the beach, a simple-but-touching-except-not piano line; a spoken-word intro whispered as if he's trying to distract you during a slow dance from a wandering hand, which is an entirely preteen reaction but still; and that quaver, where "have I lost my mind" is baa-ed like a sheep.

This is where I should probably note that I wrote that paragraph after getting through only 2:30 of the song, which is cheating, so here goes. The strings and guitar line get even treaclier, even more so when I realize it's doing so in order to chase the vaguely-classical-guitar trend that lasted about a year. Enrique warbles "I just want to hold you, I just want to hold you" with the intonation of every Nice Guy™ ever. I remembered the (rote) surging chorus; I remembered the big soaring notes that never quite left the runway. But when was there a fake gospel choir? Why does that last, mercifully quiet note feel so much like wriggling out of a pair of sweaty arms? "Hero" doesn't sound as bad as it did before—it's worse. Or else I really did end up as that sad, depleted adult. You decide.

(Astute readers, however, will note that nowhere in this column did I mention "Be With You.")

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias Still One of 100 Hottest Couples

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have been going strong for a long time now, and, although they keep a low profile, our fourth annual list of 100 Hottest Couples have not forgotten them.

Believe it or not, Enrique Iglesias has been pumping out hits for over 10 years. He crossed over from Latin pop way back in 1999 with "Bailamos" and his 2001 music video for "Escape" led him to tennis star Anna Kournikova. Since then, Iglesias' music has come along way—"Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)" broke into the top 10 Billboard charts last year—and so has their relationship. These days, Kournikova is basically retired at the ripe age of 30, which leaves a lot of time for hanging out on yachts while her man's touring.

For those curious about our process of ranking these couples, this year we've refined our definition of "hotness" to rank 100 celebrity couples using the following criteria: Staying Power, Popularity, Success, and Attractiveness. The resulting list includes hot pairings made up of models, singers, actors, ex-wrestlers, reality stars, and more. While the hottest couple of them all, Beyonce and Jay-Z, has been on our list for four years now, 24 of these famous duos also made their debut.

Enrique Iglesias: Justin Bieber is having a fun time - is that a big deal?

Like his dad Julio before him, Enrique has girls throwing themselves at him wherever he goes in the world – but Anna Kournikova doesn’t get upset or jealous

Only two weeks ago Enrique Iglesias woke up to find a half-naked girl wandering around the grounds of his watefront mansion in Miami.

She had swum across a dangerous channel in her underwear to pursue him.

The singer’s girlfriend, former tennis star Anna Kournikova, was at home too.

But rather than giving the shivering fan a piece of her mind, she gave her some of her clothes to wear instead.

Like his dad Julio before him, 37-year-old Enrique has girls throwing themselves at him wherever he goes in the world – but Anna doesn’t get upset or jealous.

The heart-throb tells me about the swimmer by way of illustration.

“She climbed up a sea wall and I woke up and saw her wandering around,” he says.

“I was like, ‘What is this?’ You can only get to my place by water and it can be dangerous.

"Security grabbed her and wanted to know if I would press charges but I would never do that.

“The first thing I did was go and see if she was OK. I went to the guard house and she was soaking wet – it was a cold day.

"I was shocked that she had taken the risk.

“My girlfriend was nice enough to give her some clothes and we took her back to her hotel room and made sure she was OK.

"My girlfriend is very sweet when it comes down to things like that.

“I get girls coming up to me all the time but my girlfriend doesn’t mind. She’s very cool with that.”

She must also have laughed it off when Enrique gave an 18-year-old fan a full-on snog on stage at Wembley Stadium.

I meet him in a suite at London’s lavish Langham Hotel, where he greets me in faded jeans, dark hoodie and baseball cap.

Despite a couple of days of stubble, he looks far more youthful than a man just three years shy of 40.

He offers me a glass of water then slouches in his chair, extremely relaxed.

In the steamy video for his new single I’m a Freak, Enrique is seen writhing with semi-naked girls. Again, he says Anna is fine with it.

In fact, he insists, she absolutely loves it.

“My girlfriend doesn’t normally come to shoots, but she judges the video saying what she does and doesn’t like,” he explains.

“She loves this video and it’s because she knows me and she knows if it’s fun and it feels real, then it’s right.

"She will be the first one to say, ‘No, that feels forced’.

“I think it’s OK to be sexual as long as it’s honest. People know if it’s honest or not. It really isn’t about the ‘wow’ factor or trying to shock.

"There is a song where I sing ‘tonight I wanna f*** you’ and it’s so raw and opposite to a song like Hero.

“There is a lot of honesty to that and I think it comes down to how comfortable you feel singing that and I feel very comfortable singing it. It’s one of my favourite songs.”

Enrique and Anna, 32, have both enjoyed – and endured– their rocky 13-year romance.

They met in 2001 when she appeared in the video for his hit single Escape. In 2008 reports surfaced that they had finally married but last year it was claimed they had split for good.

He’s not always been keen to discuss his sporty girlfriend, but today Enrique is very happy to talk about the relationship – and the key to its success.

“Love and sex are crucial in making a relationship survive,” he says.

“I like sex, of course I do – who doesn’t. Sex and love are two words that can be so close together but then so far apart.

“People think it’s either sex or love which is crucial in making a relationship survive but I think they are both very important.”

After that little monologue it’s perhaps no surprise to learn that his new album is entitled Sex and Love.

Born in Madrid, youngest son of legendary Latin crooner Julio, Enrique found fame in the 90s with Spanish ballads.

But it wasn’t until he released Hero in 2001 that he became a global star.

Despite his showbusiness background, he says he found it tough being thrust into the limelight aged 20.

He tells me:???“The beginning of my career was the most crazy because it went so fast. At times I wish I had enjoyed it a little more.

"You have your ups and downs and I learned who was real and who was not real. You have to surround yourself with people that really do care.”

One thing Enrique hasn’t been troubled by is drugs – though he is regularly offered cocaine at showbiz parties.

“My theory is to do as much drugs as possible and get it out of your system,” he jokes.

“I was never tempted by drugs. The amount of times I’ve been asked, ‘You don’t do coke? But you’re in music.

"You really don’t do coke?’

“I don’t like sticking stuff up my nose. Get me a drink, get me a rum. I drink, I’m a social drinker but I feel like I can control it.

"There are friends of mine who go out at the weekend and do a lot of cocaine and do any drug and be perfectly fine throughout the week.

"But some others can’t do that. I need my eight hours’ sleep, that’s for sure.”

And he has his own take on the antics of 19-year-old Justin Bieber, charged with assaulting a limo driver in Toronto and driving under the influence in Florida.

Enrique says: “Justin Bieber is having a fun time , I don’t think he’s having a hard time at all. You see men drag racing sometimes.

"He’s under a microscope, he got caught. He’s smoking weed – is that a big deal? He’s 19. It’s a mistake you make as a teenager.”

But he does advise Justin to surround himself with the right people.

“It’s common in this business that there are just, ‘yes, yes’ people and you need people that are not afraid of telling you ‘no’.

"You need to be told you made a mistake. That’s crucial.

“You can’t believe your own hype because in showbusiness there are moments where that can happen.

“I don’t think there have been times when I have thought I was the s*** but mistakes should be pointed out.”

He may have 20 years in showbusiness to his name, but in his family that’s nothing. The Iglesias men seem to get better as they get older.

And he cites his late grandad, also Julio, who was expecting his fourth child when he died at 90, as his inspiration.

He says: “I do at some point want kids, but I don’t think I’m ready now. At some point I will be. I think guys have it easier than girls.

“I might have one when I’m 55. My grandad had a kid when he was 82. He actually died when his wife was pregnant with another kid.

“I think having kids must be a huge responsibility, I think I’ll just have one.

"I still feel like I’m 16 at times.”

Enrique has been offered judging roles on American Idol , US X Factor and The Voice USA. And turned them all down.

He says: “They take up a lot of time and are a big commitment. Maybe that can be something I’ll do in my 40s.

"Right now I’m just having lots of fun.”

Enrique Iglesias on Justin Bieber arrest : common mistakes that teenagers make


The 'Hero' singer speaks to Capital about the recent behaviour of the teen titan. 
Enrique Iglesias has come out in defence of Justin Bieber and said the singer's recent actions are merely "common mistakes that teenagers make."

The 19 year-old Canadian star was arrested for an incident in Miami where he was apparently caught driving under the influence.

Stars from the music world including Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding have offered support to his fans and said the level of scrutiny the singer is under is far greater than any other star.

"I think they're exaggerating what's happening with Justin Bieber. I mean, c'mon when you're a teenager, who doesn't drag race? I know I used to try and race with my friends all the time. Unfortunately he's under a microscope and he's been caught a few times," Enrique said in an exclusive chat with Capital.

 The 38 year-old singer also said he was sure the teen could bounce back from the current headlines and have a successful career regardless.

"I don't think what he's done, I don't think it's going to ruin his career if you ask me," he said. "As long as it doesn't get worse, as long as he doesn't have a drug problem, as long as he doesn't go haywire.

 "I think they're common mistakes that teenagers make."

Friday, March 28, 2014

Enrique Iglesias turned down judging gigs on two U.S. TV talent shows

Enrique Iglesias turned down judging roles on both American Idol and the U.S. version of The Voice.

The Hero hitmaker has been keeping busy promoting his albums and embarking on various world tours, including one with American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez in 2012.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Iglesias was asked whether he would ever want to follow in the footsteps of Lopez and become a mentor on a TV talent show.

He revealed, "It's crazy you asked that because I was asked to be a judge on American Idol last year, I was on tour at the time and there was a lot of conflicts with my schedule. I couldn't do it.

"And the first season of The Voice I was also asked to be on, but it was also conflicting with my schedule so maybe I made dumb choices."

He added, "I would love to (in the future) if it didn't conflict with my schedule."

Iglesias served as a guest mentor for judge Nicole Scherzinger on the first season of The X Factor USA. The series has since been cancelled after just three seasons.

Enrique on Alcohol, Sleep And Sex

                                   Enrique Iglesias enjoys "crazy" sex
The 38-year-old singer - who has been in an on/off relationship with tennis player Anna Kournikova since 2001 - admits his intimate preferences depends on "how drunk" he is, but admits he has problems under the covers if he consumes too much alcohol.

The hunk said: "Sex can be raw, immature and fun or it can be more about love.

Asked about what he prefers, he added: "Oh, the crazy kind, but it depends how drunk I am - or whether I'm drunk or not. If I'm too drunk, though, then there's no sex whatsoever as I can't get it up."

Although Enrique has a reputation of being a lothario he insists he doesn't sleep around, but wouldn't judge those who do.

He exclaimed in an interview with Now magazine: "I'm fun but I've never been the kind of guy to sleep with everyone. I've never judged anyone by how much sex they have.

"If a guy has sex with lots of women then he's 'the man', but a girl is a sl*t and that's not fair. Unfortunately, it's in a guy's genes to judge a girl by how many men she's got with, but you really can't judge someone just on that."

Monday, March 24, 2014

Enrique Iglesias: Radio Host Accidentally Insulted His Uncle!

Enrique Iglesias beams at his onlookers as he arrives at a radio station for some interviews on Wednesday (February 5) in London, England.

The 38-year-old singer arrived at Capital Breakfast to chat about his album Sex + Love, as well as discuss his “I’m a Freak” music video.

“There’s a lot of men in that video,” Enrique defended.

“There’s you and Pitbull cause you sing it, and there’s your manager cause he works for you, and there’s a fat guy in a pool. That’s four people!” Capital FM host Dave said about the small number of men vs. women in the video.

“That’s my uncle, the guy you’re talking about,” Enrique retorted.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Enrique Iglesias Tows His Sea Doo With a BMW X5

Enrique Iglesias drives a BMW X5. When you’re a millionaire poop star who travels around the world on private jets and has dated the most beautiful women in the world, it has to be hard to get excited for a car. The X5, which starts at $52,000 for the base six-cylinder model or $62,000 for the 5.0-liter V8 model, won’t break Enrique’s bank account. With parking assist, a Bang and Olufsen sound system and other high end luxury features, he probably won’t feel like he’s driving an old beater in the X5.

The BMW is a great car, but its real purpose is to facilitate Enrique in the greatest recreation ever known to man: Jet Skiing with a dog.
Enrique took his dog Lucas out for a fun day on the ocean, which included riding his Sea Doo two up. Riding on a boat is a lot of excitement for most dogs, so a day on a Sea Doo must be like a dream. In case a dog on a Jet Ski wasn’t cute enough, it even looks like Lucas is trying to steer!

Enrique Iglesias composes in the "magic room" of his home

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias said in San Juan, before a concert featured in the inauguration of the first Microsoft store on the Caribbean island, that he uses a "magic room" in his home to compose his music.

Iglesias, son of the legendary artist Julio Iglesias, told reporters Thursday that he is composing songs for his next album, noting that other artists will very possibly collaborate on the project.

"At home I have a room where I have written tunes like "Lloro por Ti" (I Cry for You), "Hero," "I Like It" and "Nunca Te Olvidare" (I'll Never Forget You). It's a room I have there that has a certain magic," Iglesias said before giving a private concert for some 2,500 fans at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in the Puerto Rican capital.

Iglesias, 37, said he is "trying to write good songs" for his next disc, so he won't disappoint his followers or get bad reviews.

"I don't want to write songs that I'm not happy with because in the end, I have to promote the singles and the discs and for that reason I prefer to write at home and be with my love," said the boyfriend of Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova.

Enrique Iglesias Takes Pity On Female Intruder After She Breaks Into Miami Mansion

Enrique Iglesias must be used to the constant fan and media attention by now, but the hunk revealed that one admirer took things one step too far when she broke into the grounds of his home last month, swimming up to the property and climbing over the sea wall to get a glimpse of her idol.
Enrique was at home with his longtime girlfriend Anna Kournikova at the time when he was called to say that a woman was wandering around the grounds of his Miami mansion wearing nothing but underwear.
Despite the woman in question breaking in, the Hero soon took pity on her and called his GF down to offer her some clothes to keep warm.

Enrique was at home with his longtime girlfriend Anna Kournikova at the time when he was called to say that a woman was wandering around the grounds of his Miami mansion wearing nothing but underwear.

Despite the woman in question breaking in, the Hero soon took pity on her and called his GF down to offer her some clothes to keep warm.

The heartthrob told the Daily Mirror: "She climbed up a sea wall and I woke up and saw her wandering around. I was like, 'What is this?' You can only get to my place by water and it can be dangerous. Security grabbed her and wanted to know if I would press charges but I would never do that. The first thing I did was go and see if she was OK."

"I went to the guard house and she was soaking wet - it was a cold day. I was shocked that she had taken the risk," he added.

"My girlfriend was nice enough to give her some clothes and we took her back to her hotel room and made sure she was Ok. My girlfriend is very sweet when it comes down to things like that."
The heartthrob told the Daily Mirror: "She climbed up a sea wall and I woke up and saw her wandering around. I was like, 'What is this?' You can only get to my place by water and it can be dangerous. Security grabbed her and wanted to know if I would press charges but I would never do that. The first thing I did was go and see if she was OK."
"I went to the guard house and she was soaking wet - it was a cold day. I was shocked that she had taken the risk," he added.
"My girlfriend was nice enough to give her some clothes and we took her back to her hotel room and made sure she was Ok. My girlfriend is very sweet when it comes down to things like that."

Enrique Iglesias must be used to the constant fan and media attention by now, but the hunk revealed that one admirer took things one step too far when she broke into the grounds of his home last month, swimming up to the property and climbing over the sea wall to get a glimpse of her idol.

Enrique wants butt implants!

Enrique Iglesias says he'll need to fly to Los Angeles for butt implants after his Summertime Ball performance. The 'I Like It' star confessed to be very nervous before taking to the Wembley stage but calmed his nerves with "one, two or a maximum of three drinks!"

He then went on to make it a night to remember for one girl who joined him on stage for a passionate rendition of 'Hero'. The chosen girl got plenty of kisses from Enrique and the chances to touch and squeeze his bottom.

But now Enrique's wondering if she left disappointed. He told The Bassman on Capital FM, "I am going back to LA to get butt implants."
Enrique also revealed that bringing a girl up on stage is never rehearsed, "In fact much of what I do on stage isn't rehearsed" he joked.  
 Enrique Iglesias quips: I'm getting butt implants
Enrique Iglesias put on a raunchy performance at Capital FM's Summertime Ball at the weekend.
The singer has been known to snog fans on stage in the past and mid-performance at Wembley Arena yesterday, Enrique, 36, pulled a female admirer out of the audience and - just for a change - let her cop a feel of his rump.

After the show, he told Capital FM's Bassman: 'I am going back to LA to get butt implants.'
But 18-year-old Sophie Elphick from Amersham has no idea why. She was very impressed by the singer's firm buttocks.

'No guy will ever live up to him now...' Sophie Tweeted this morning.
'Apparently he wants bum implants. makes no sense! x'

In 2007, Enrique stunned female fans by confessing he had a weeny willy.
The heartthrob claimed that if he could alter one thing about his body, it would be his manhood.
But the following year he insisted he'd been joking.
'When people find out it's not the case,' he explained, 'they're pleasantly surprised.'

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lady Gaga wants to kiss Enrique Iglesias

Lady Gaga hunting for Iglesias look-alike
Lady Gaga Wants Hunk For Video
Lady Gaga is looking for a handsome 'badass' like Enrique Iglesias to kiss in her new music promo.

The pop star is gearing up to shoot the video for her single The Edge of Glory this weekend, and casting executives are looking a Latino hunk for her to kiss in the video.

The casting notice, obtained by E! Online, reveals the star wants an attractive "Puerto Rican or Dominican type bada**... (who) must be willing to kiss Lady Gaga...Think Enrique Iglesias."

The eccentric popstar is currently preparing to shoot her video for next single Edge of Glory and is determined to track down a hunky man to appear alongside her. It has been reported the star's team released a casting notice which reveals they are searching for a dark-haired guy who resembles Enrique and is willing to canoodle with Gaga.

E! Online claims the notice says the ideal man should be a good-looking "Puerto Rican or Dominican type badass" and "must be willing to kiss Lady Gaga... Think Enrique Iglesias".

However, it appears 25-year-old Gaga isn't satisfied with finding just one sexy man. Her promo will also feature several 'Couture Doctors' who will be dressed in white smocks and black gloves.

"Think Dr. 90210," the notice reportedly reads.

The video will also boast a group of military men carrying rifles and a 'male or female on-air reporter'.

Kate Moss gets grossly insulted Enrique Iglesias then gives her crotch airing

Kate Moss and Enrique Iglesias: Food Fight!
Kate Moss' secret to staying so skinny is out: Throw your food, don't eat it! At least that's what she did at Sir Phillip Green's 60th birthday bash.

The model shocked onlookers with her outlandish behavior, including celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Kate Hudson, and Gwyneth Paltrow, when she began throwing rolls at surprised singer Enrique Iglesias. He was just trying to serenade her with his hit song Hero, but she didn't want any part of it.

According to a source for the Sunday Mirror, "She thought it was hilarious because he wasn't expecting her to react like she did. She threw the water first, then a few bread rolls and napkins. It was highly amusing and everybody was howling with laughter. She couldn't believe how lame he was and literally couldn't stop laughing as she did it. Her cackle was echoing around the room and everybody was watching with their mouths open as Kate threw whatever she could get her hands on at him."

Enrique did the only thing he could do and laughed it off, pleading with her to stop. He reportedly said, "Kate Moss. I used to have the ­biggest crush on you when I was a kid; be nice. I had your poster on my wall." After being assaulted by the aging model, it is doubtful her posters will grace his walls anymore.

Kate Moss pokes fun at Enrique Iglesias
Supermodel Kate Moss started throwing bread rolls at Enrique Iglesias after he serenaded her during one of his songs.

The singer was performing in Mexico and during his romantic tune "Hero", Enrique decided to show his affection for the British supermodel, who was one of the guests.

"Kate Moss. I used to have the biggest crush on you when I was a kid; be nice. I had your poster on my wall," he told her.

However, Kate wasn't impressed and started throwing things at him from her table, much to her friends'
"She thought it was hilarious because he wasn't expecting her to react like she did. She threw the water first, then a few bread rolls and napkins. It was highly amusing and everybody was howling with laughter," a source told

"She couldn't believe how lame he was and literally couldn't stop laughing as she did it. Her cackle was echoing around the room and everybody was watching with their mouths open as Kate threw whatever she could get her hands on at him," the source added.

Enrique saw the funny side of things and laughed along with the other guests.

Other guests at the luxurious bash for the British businessman included Naomi Campbell, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson.

Full Story Is Here

Kate Moss is back back BACK doing what she does best - being Kate Moss in utter Kate Moss fashion. After yesterday's Gwynnie crisp throwing report, it seems that Enrique Iglesias might've been the latest to feel her cackling wrath. And look, now she's unashamedly strolling around North London with her jeans hanging down. She owns the roost, she can do what she likes.

Possibly to detract from the fact that her husband is STILL wearing his stupid wispy scarf, Kate Moss was seen wondering around North London with her jeans undone. Her bra was also missing, but that's just business as usual for Moss. This follows her trip to Mexico for Philip Green's 60th birthday where the great Gwynnie crisp-gate happened. An unconfirmed report has just come in claiming she also gave Enrique Iglesias a little Mossy chastising...

Apparently he was performing at Green's ridiculous party and said something to the model along the lines of:

    “You were my fantasy when I was young.”

Obviously Moss is alleged to have responded by chucking her drink over him.

We hope Iglesias learnt his lesson.

Not tonight Enrique... Kate Moss rejects crooner Iglesias by chucking things at him

Unexpected response: Kate shrieked with laughter as she threw bread rolls at Enrique

“Her cackle was ­echoing around the room and ­everybody was watching with their mouths open as Kate threw ­whatever she could get her hands on”

Kate Moss is a force to be reckoned with on a night out and you’d do well to keep her in good spirits.

Latino superstar Enrique ­Iglesias learned that lesson the hard way at last week’s fabulous 60th birthday celebration for Topshop boss Sir Philip Green in ­Mexico.

During his performance, the Spanish crooner-in-the-making decided to show his affection for the model after years of admiring her from afar.

I’m told he sidled up to her ­romantically during his hit song Hero – but gazing into his Spanish Eyes didn’t elicit the desired swoon from the prickly Ms Moss.

Seconds after he made his ­advance, Kate jokingly screeched: “Get the f*** away from me!”

She then burst into hysterics with her friends including Chloe Green. But Enrique – who is ­happily settled down with stunning blonde tennis superstar Anna ­Kournikova – wasn’t giving up without a fight.

“Kate Moss,” he cajoled, “I used to have the ­biggest crush on you when I was a kid; be nice. I had your poster on my wall.”

Stunned performer: Enrique was a good sport but perplexed by Kate's reaction
Unfortunately for ­him, Kate wasn’t in the mood to be told she used to grace his wall all those years ago.
In fact, she thought the whole thing so ­cringeworthy, she ­proceeded to throw things at him – starting with a splosh of water from one of the glasses on her table.

Sources at the party reveals: “She thought it was hilarious ­because he wasn’t ­expecting her to react like she did.
“She threw the water first, then a few bread rolls and ­napkins. It was highly ­amusing and everybody was ­howling with ­laughter.

“She couldn’t believe how lame he was and literally couldn’t stop laughing as she did it.
“Her cackle was ­echoing around the room and ­everybody was watching with their mouths open as Kate threw ­whatever she could get her hands on at him.”

Fortunately, good-humoured Enrique saw the funny side of things and laughed along while she made a scene.
“He saw that it was quite amusing,” says the source.
“He’s still a huge fan of Kate’s and found it funny. He knew there had been more than a few drinkies throughout the night.”
Kate and Enrique were enjoying Mexico’s most luxurious resort, the Rosewood Mayakoba, for the party. Other guests included ­Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate ­Hudson, Naomi Campbell, ­Ronnie Wood and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at that bash... with a beady eye out for low-flying missiles.

Coty Inc. And Enrique Iglesias Sign Fragrance Partnership

Global Beauty Leader and International Superstar to Debut Global Fragrance Collection
Guess what music lovers? Everyone’s favorite Latin superstar, Enrique Iglesias, will launch his own fragrance this summer. It was announced earlier this week that he has partnered with Coty Inc. to develop his own line of signature fragrances that will be aptly named “The House of Enrique Iglesias.”
“Enrique Iglesias is without question one of the most inspiring and talented artists in modern music,” said Michele Scannavini, CEO, Coty Inc. “We look forward to translating Enrique’s passion, authenticity and energy into a fragrance powerhouse.”

Coty Inc. is a powerhouse themselves. They’ve partnered with other musicians like Faith Hill, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Celine Dion — to name a few. It only makes sense to add on one of the biggest Latin recording artist in music history.
But, what will it smell like?

“I’m confident that together with Coty’s expertise I’ll be able to create a fragrance that’s attractive to everyone, in particular to my fans. I hope it gives them confidence and makes them feel empowered,” said Iglesias.

I have a feeling his fans will love whatever he creates. Whether it’s a male, female or unisex fragrance. But, what about the semi-fans or non-fans? Will they rush to buy it?
What do you think? Will the Enrique Iglesias fragrance be a big seller or a bust?

Enrique Iglesias is a fan of Priyanka Chopra

And that not all, the singer has also developed a liking for Priyanka's debut international single In My City.
Bollywood's desi girl Priyanka Chopra has found a fan in international pop star Enrique Iglesias, who is in awe of the actress.
During his recent concert in Bengaluru, the 37-year-old also had some fun filled interaction with the audience.

While he was spontaneous in responding to all the questions, when asked about which Bollywood actress caught his attention, he replied: "I would say Priyanka Chopra. I got to meet her and also managed to see a few of her movies. I loved them! She is great and simply unbelievable.?

And that not all, the singer has also developed a liking for Priyanka's debut international single In My City.
He said, "I also recently heard her single (In My City), it was pretty good. I enjoyed it?"

Enrique Iglesias and Kylie Minogue fight to release Beautiful duet despite label issues

Kylie Minogue, Enrique Iglesias in record rift
Singers are involved in a bitter battle over plans to release their duet Beautiful, But thankfully the Latin heartthrob and the Aussie pop princess are on the same side! It's their record labels that are at war. Iglesias is signed with Universal Music Group label’s Universal Republic and Minogue with Parlophone.

Enrique told: "I'm hoping the duet will be released as the next single but I know there's been a few problems between the record companies because she is on a different label.

"It's all politics. There was a moment when the record companies were fighting back and forth, but in the end Kylie and I spoke and we will make it happen.
"The plan is to shoot a video in March.
"I'm a huge fan of Kylie. She's so sweet and she's been going for a long time but is as sexy as ever."

Chatting over drinks in London Enrique rubbished reports he got a car to drive 20 metres after throwing a diva strop.
He said: "That was such bull****. My manager told me to get a car because it was cold and there were photographers outside."
After spending an hour with the singer I can confirm he couldn't be more laidback and less of a diva if he tried.

Enrique Iglesias Denies He's Bankrupt

Rumor Mill Says Enrique Iglesias Bankrupt?  He says NO!
Rumors have been spreading that the Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias is facing possible bankruptcy, yet Iglesias himself as well as his publicist claim these rumors to be false.  In spite of his 2011 tour and record success, many critics are eyeing the purchase of his five million dollar Miami mansion as well as its $15 million renovation as cause for alarm.

Yet, Enrique has only responded with laughter and sarcasm, while his publicist, Joe Bonilla, responded that the news is just more false gossip.  According to “Billboard” magazine, Iglesias was the highest grossing latin artist of 2011.  In the U.S. alone he generated $7 million dollars during his Euphoria World Tour.  Two concerts at Madison Square Garden, in New York City, grossed $1.7 million dollars. It’s evident that with this past success as well as an upcoming tour in the works, he should be living comfortably in his Miami mansion. 

Enrique Iglesias's manager has denied a rumor that the "I Like It" singer is going bankrupt and even joked about it. The "I Like It" singer dismissed rumors through his manager that he had no money after building a new Florida mansion where he and girlfriend Anna Kournikova plan to live. "We really didn't know where such report came from," manager Joe Bonilla said Monday.

"Next, it'll be reported that he lives under a bridge and will even open a help line for donations for his cause," Bonilla told Mexican newspaper El Universal. "Enrique doesn't even know how much the cost is, it's been reported that it's $15 million but that's the wrong amount," he added. Bonilla also said Iglesias was previously named the Latin singer with the most income by Billboard.

Enrique Iglesias talks raunchy 'I'm A Freak' video: 'We went crazy'

Enrique Iglesias has opened up about the raunchy music video for his new single 'I'm A Freak'.

The singer admitted there was no plan before shooting the visual except to "go bonkers".

"It's a funny story," he said of the clip to Capital FM's Breakfast Show. "Because the director, it's his friend's house. He said, 'I just wanna go to the house and have fun and not even really plan anything just have people go crazy, go bonkers'."

The star also revealed that his manager's sister features in the video, adding: "She likes to be naked and things!"

Meanwhile, discussing his collaboration with Kylie Minogue on his forthcoming album Sex + Love, he said: "We're actually planning a video for that too"

Anna Kournikova improving Enrique Iglesias' tennis skills

  • Enrique Iglesias is dating Anna Kournikova
  • The two have been together for many years
  • Enrique says that Anna is improving his tennis skills
It has been almost 12 years since singer Enrique Iglesias started dating tennis babe Anna Kournikova and the couple seem as happy together as they ever have been. The two met on the set of the video for the Enrique Iglesias single Escape and hit it off straight away. Not surprising considering how intimate the video is.
While these two stars have been together for almost 12 years and always seem so loved up, they have never felt the urge to get married. Enrique has spoken about his relationship with Anna, admitting that, among other things, his tennis game has hugely improved.
Iglesias explained, “My tennis skills are OK. I’m not the greatest by any means. Let’s just say I’m far too clumsy to be competing in Wimbledon anytime soon. I am really passionate about sports in general — especially water sports. I also love to fly, and enjoy the thrill of flying my own plane. I just really enjoy the adrenaline rush."

Enrique Iglesias new album went viral on Twitter with hashtag #SEXANDLOVELYRICS

Enrique Iglesias new album goes viral on social media platform Twitter after hashtag #SEXANDLOVELYRICS, the name of Iglesias' new album, along with his collaboration with Kylie Minogue for the song Beautiful, dominated the scene on Thursday.

A lot of Iglesias' fans had been waiting for his comeback in the music industry. This would be the tenth studio single that Iglesias would be offering his fans. The name of Enrique Iglesias new album is Sex and Love which got debuted in markets on March 17, 2014. The album is a mix of English and Spanish songs. It contains 11 tracks with 6 of it sang in Spanish under the record label Republic Records.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Enrique Iglesias Has No Intention of Marrying Anna Kournikova: It Won't "Make Us Happier"

Enrique Iglesias doesn't see the point in getting married. Luckily, Anna Kournikova feels the same way.

The singer opens up about his relationship with the retired tennis pro in an interview for CBS Sunday Morning, airing March 16. "I'm not against marriage, not at all," he tells Rita Braver, before adding that it's not in his future. "But when you've been with someone for such a long time, I don't think it's going to make—bring us closer together. I don't think it's going to...make us any happier."

Enrique, 38, met Kournikova, 32, when the athlete appeared in his 2001 "Escape" music video. "She was just the coolest girl in the world to me," the Latin pop star recalls. "And we just, we got along."

Enrique also addresses rumors that he is estranged from his famous father, Spanish singer-songwriter Julio Iglesias. "I love him, and I respect him dearly. But we don't see each other that much," Enrique says of his dad. "You know, he knows if he ever needed me, I'd be the first one there, and vice versa."

His personal life aside, Enrique is excited about the March 18 release of his new album, Sex and Love. "When you write songs, when you're on stage, it's all about the vibe," says the singer, whose last CD, Euphoria, dropped in July 2010. "If you're not vibing and you're not feeling good, people notice that."

Enrique Iglesias: I don’t like Valentine’s Day

Enrique Iglesias says he doesn’t like Valentine’s Day because he wants to make women feel good every day.

The Spanish singer has been dating tennis star Anna Kournikova since 2001, although he has no interest in the upcoming romantic festival.

The crooner believes he should be nice to his girlfriend all year around, so there doesn’t need to be an excuse to spoil her.
“I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. I don’t know, we just don’t do it,” the 35-year-old told more! magazine.
“I wouldn’t say [I think it should be] every day, but I would say that it definitely doesn’t need to be a special day to make your girlfriend feel good.”

Meanwhile, Enrique admits he has been battling with insomnia. He feels as though he can’t find a reasonable resting pattern because of this touring schedule.
“Last night I slept for two hours. The doctors tell me, ‘You have to get into a routine.’ But I’m like, ‘How do you adjust to a certain time when you’re in England one day, Brazil the next?’ It’s impossible,” he added.

Enrique: I can't relax

Enrique Iglesias would get bored if he took a break from work.
The 38-year-old singer's tenth studio album Sex + Love is due to hit stores next month and is the follow up to 2010's Euphoria. Due to the four-year gap between releases many have been asking Enrique what he's been up to, which he finds a little peeving.

"I've been just touring. People always ask me that, they go, 'Why did you take three years or four years to put out one album?' It wasn't really a break, I wish I'd taken one!" he laughed to British magazine Heat. "Actually I don't wish that because I'd go nuts, so I have to keep on going. I've been touring around the world."

The star is proud of his upcoming record and thinks it'll have broad appeal. It includes a track featuring Kylie Minogue, who he calls a "sweetie" and a dream to work with.
"The new album [Sex + Love] is extremely reflective. I wanted to call it that because it's two words that are so close together, yet can be so far apart. At the end of the day, it's something we can all emotionally relate to," he said.

Much has been made of the LP's single I'm a Freak, which features Pitbull. The promo for the song contains a lot of nudity, with Enrique admitting it was fun to shoot.
"It's the first time I've made a video where the director goes, 'I just wanna throw a party.' Just give people alcohol and let them have fun. It was at his friend's house; I felt sorry for the house," he said.

Enrique Iglesias sends hearts racing in bright orange shirt as he arrives in Puerto Rico ahead of Valentine's Day concert

He wasn't shirtless this time but Enrique Iglesias still managed to heat up Puerto Rico with his presence.
The 38-year-old Spanish heartthrob raised temperatures the minute his private jet touched down upon the northern Caribbean island on Tuesday.
Enrique stood out in a sporty orange jacket made of thin material with a zip-up front that did little to
camouflage his athletic torso.

 Heartthrob: Enrique Iglesias raised temperatures in sultry Puerto Rico on Tuesday as he arrived a few days ahead of his Valentine's Day concert on Friday
The singer, arriving a few days before his scheduled Valentine's Day concert at Coliseo De Puerto Rico - José Miguel Agrelot on Friday, was also clad in huggy jeans and white trainers.
Despite the tinted shades and the usual baseball cap, Enrique had a smouldering smile ready for anyone looking his way.
The Latin lothario is promoting his forthcoming bilingual album Sex + Love that's due out March 18 and has already spawned the hit singles Loco, El Perdedor and the recent I'm A Freak.
Ready for this: The 38-year-old Spanish singer shared one of his smouldering smiles

 The star has landed: Enrique could be spotted from miles away in that bright orange shirt
 In the shade: The singer, who will perform this Friday at Coliseo De Puerto Rico - José Miguel Agrelot, stepped into the shade of some palm trees
Enrique gave fans a tantalising visual of his muscly form in the music video for I'm A Freak that shows him cavorting around with scantily clad women.
The star, who joined talents with Pitbull for the track, is seen at one point resting his arms on the backside of a lingerie-clad lovely.
The things that Enrique first notices about a woman are her legs and her sense of humour.

 Impromptu interview: Even after the plane ride, Enrique was eager to share a few words with the press
 Casual and sexy: Enrique paired his zip-up jacket with jeans and trainers
'I love legs,' Enrique said, according to 'I like women with a sense of humour, I don't like women who are too serious.
"I mean women that can laugh at stupid immature things because I am very much like that and I say stupid things, so if the girl can laugh and have a sense of humour I actually find that very sexy.'
Of course Enrique's long-term girlfriend Anna Kournikova should be used to all of this by now.
Bye for now: The crooner stepped into his waiting limo with a farewell grin
'I love legs': Enrique, who cavorts with scantily clad women in his new I'm A Freak video, says that what he loves most about a woman is her legs and her sense of humour
The couple reportedly split in October 2013 after 12 years together, but by the start of this year they were seen looking as romantic as ever while boating in Miami.
And showing further proof that they are still going strong, Anna headed to Paris earlier this month to join her boyfriend as he promoted his latest single.
Enrique admitted that away from the cameras he likes to relax with a naked swim.
'I go skinny-dipping if there are no paparazzi around,' Enrique told the New York Post recently, adding modestly: 'There's not a lot to show off. My worst defect is from my waist down. I'm sorry, no, that's not my worst defect… but it is a little curved.'
Still going strong: The singer and long-term girlfriend Anna Kournikova dispelled split rumours by enjoying a boat ride together in Miami on January 12, and earlier this month she joined him in Paris

Enrique Iglesias says legs are the sexiest part of the female body

The 'I'm A Freak' singer claims his dream woman would have a great set of pins and a good sense of humour as she would need to be able to laugh at his "immature" jokes.

Speaking about what he finds attractive in a woman, Enrique said: "I love legs. I like women with a sense of humour, I don't like women who are too serious. "I mean women that can laugh at stupid immature things because I am very much like that and I say stupid things, so if the girl can laugh and have a sense of humour I actually find that very sexy."

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old crooner explained the reasoning behind his suggestive album title 'Sex + Love', claiming the risqué nature of the record is something everyone can relate to. Enrique explained: "It's one of the first things I thought about when I listened to the whole body of work. I think it's something we can all relate to no matter what religion no matter what personality, no matter what colour we can all relate to it."

'Sex + Love' is out today [March 17].'

Enrique Iglesias Has Girlfriend Anna Kournikova's Approval On Steamy Sex Scenes

Enrique Iglesias' girlfriend Anna Kournikova gave the singer the go-ahead to cavort with semi-naked women in the video for his saucy new single.

The Spanish star is seen partying with girls in their underwear in the promo for new track I'm a Freak, and in one saucy scene, he is filmed stroking and slapping a female extra's buttocks.

However, Iglesias insists his long-term partner, tennis star/model Kournikova, loves the video and gave him the green light to dance with scantily-clad girls.

He tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "My girlfriend doesn't normally come to shoots, but she judges the video saying what she does and doesn't like. She loves this video and it's because she knows me and she knows if it's fun and it feels real, then it's right. She will be the first one to say, 'No, that feels forced'."

The Hero singer goes on to insist he did not set out to shock fans by filming a deliberately provocative promo, adding, "I think it's Ok to be sexual as long as it's honest. People know if it's honest or not. It really isn't about the 'wow' factor or trying to shock.

"There is a song where I sing 'Tonight I wanna f**k you' and it's so raw and opposite to a song like Hero.

"There is a lot of honesty to that and I think it comes down to how comfortable you feel singing that and I feel very comfortable singing it. It's one of my favourite songs."

Enrique Iglesias returns with tenth new album Sex And Love

He's the tall, dark, handsome Spanish singer who has sold over 100 million records worldwide, has enjoyed 13 number one songs on the Billboard dance chart, and is one of the biggest Spanish language artists of all time. His emotional song Hero became the 17th best-selling single of the 2000s in the UK and sky-rocketed him to international fame.

And now, an astonishing 20 years into his music career, Enrique Iglesias is back with his tenth album.
'When you turn on the radio, what are the themes that everybody relates to?
'We all relate to sex and love. That's why when you hear music - 90% of the time - it derives from those two feelings. Let's face it. No matter what race, nationality, or religion you are, you have experience with both and you like them!,' he said.

Enrique has called in his famous friends for his new album. Single I'm a Freak sees him collaborate with long-time friend Pitbull, he works with Romeo Santos on Loco and duets with Kylie Minogue on Beautiful.
'It happened really organically,' he says of his collaboration with the Queen of pop. 'Kylie heard it in the studio, and she ended up loving it. She sang her parts, and everything fit so well.'

'Maybe, it will bring them back to good times or memories. I want everybody to be entertained and have a good time. It's meant to be an experience and an escape.'

'When people listen to the album, I hope they can forget whatever's going on and just enjoy it,' concludes Enrique.

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