Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Anna Kournikova improving Enrique Iglesias' tennis skills

  • Enrique Iglesias is dating Anna Kournikova
  • The two have been together for many years
  • Enrique says that Anna is improving his tennis skills
It has been almost 12 years since singer Enrique Iglesias started dating tennis babe Anna Kournikova and the couple seem as happy together as they ever have been. The two met on the set of the video for the Enrique Iglesias single Escape and hit it off straight away. Not surprising considering how intimate the video is.
While these two stars have been together for almost 12 years and always seem so loved up, they have never felt the urge to get married. Enrique has spoken about his relationship with Anna, admitting that, among other things, his tennis game has hugely improved.
Iglesias explained, “My tennis skills are OK. I’m not the greatest by any means. Let’s just say I’m far too clumsy to be competing in Wimbledon anytime soon. I am really passionate about sports in general — especially water sports. I also love to fly, and enjoy the thrill of flying my own plane. I just really enjoy the adrenaline rush."

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