Friday, March 09, 2012

Why Enrique Iglesias Won't Marry Anna Kournikova

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have been going strong for nearly 11 years, but don't expect any engagement news from the notoriously private pair.
"I've never really thought marriage would make a difference. Maybe it's because I come from divorced parents, but I don't think you love someone more because of a piece of paper," Iglesias tells Parade.

That doesn't mean the "I Like It" singer isn't committed to the tennis pro, 30. "Nowadays, it's not taboo to have kids and not be married," he explains. "What makes a difference is that you're a good parent, period."

Iglesias, 36, confused fans when he referred to Kournikova as his wife during a concert in Russia in April 2011. "It was just meant to be sweet in the moment," he tells Parade. "I thought it'd be easier for the audience to understand than if I said 'my girl.'"
Luckily for Iglesias, Kournikova shares his view on marriage. "It isn't important to me," she told Women's Health in 2011. "I'm in a happy relationship -- that's all that matters."

Former tennis beauty Anna Kournikova has revealed how she and her long term boyfriend Enrique Iglesias are in no hurry to get married. However, Anna does admit that she is hoping to start a family with Enrique, sometime in the near future. Kournikova explained, “I believe in being open and trusting each other and respecting each other completely. Marriage isn’t important to me. I’m in a happy relationship, that’s all that matters. I absolutely want to have children, whether I have my own or adopt.”
30 year old Anna Kournikova was forced to retire from tennis when she was only 21, due to a series of injuries. Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have been dating for about ten years and their relationship proves that you do not need to get married to make it last.

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They're a great looking couple. I hope they really DO get married and have children as the genes here are fantastic. More good looking people like this have to reproduce.

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