Sunday, April 20, 2014

'If you have a hairy back, shave it!' Smoothie Enrique Iglesias talks Sex and Love and reveals he likes to be hair-free all over

-Well-groomed sexy Spaniard, 38, says he likes to shave and trim
-Reveals grooming tips and how he likes to use jokey chat-up lines
-He likes a girl who can have a laugh: 'My lines tend to be kind of stupid'
-But says he is very much still off the market

His fortieth isn't too far off but Enrique Iglesias looks hotter than ever.

In an exclusive interview with FEMAIL the sexy Spaniard reveals the inspiration behind his new album, his top chat-up lines and his grooming secrets.

Enrique, 38, reveals he doesn't like too much hair and he personally depilates everywhere.

Enrique chats to FEMAIL about Sex & Love, his grooming routine and top chat up lines
When asked about his top grooming tips for men, Enrique reveals he keeps his routine simple but thorough.

'If you have a hairy back, shave it; brush your teeth; fake tan I'm not so much into. Not too much hair I guess - I shave everywhere. I'm kidding, I don't shave everywhere... But most places you do try to trim.'

Enrique likes to keep things fragrant as well as tidy: he reveals he is coming out with a new fragrance for men called Adrenaline - a completely new venture for him.

'I never thought I would say this but I was pretty involved in it, I wear it myself and I like it.

'It has a woody kind of smell to it. I just went with my other favourites that I would wear in the past and combined them and said "This is the direction I want to take it in". It's going to come out towards the end of the year.'

Looking - and smelling - good is a priority for the star, who claims that since he's turned 30 keeping in shape hasn't been as easy.

Listen up, men. Enrique's top grooming tips revealed

Enrique Iglesias, pictured earlier this month, says he prefers performing to burn calories rather than the gym
'One of the things I've noticed, when you turn 30 and up, you've gotta watch a little bit more what you eat. But in my case going on tour, two hours on stage, you actually lose a lot of calories which is good. I notice when I'm not on tour I'm not in as good shape. It helps me like a workout.

'When it comes down to the gym or anything that's cardio, like running on the treadmill, I'm very lazy. What I like to do more is sports. Whether it's surfing or paying racquetball with my friends, you sweat a lot and I like that better.'

And talking of getting sweaty... we had to grill him about his chat-up lines.

'My lines tend to be kind of stupid and immature,' he says.

'If a girl can laugh at a joke then I always think that's cool. That's fun, it's a good opener.'

And when it comes to dating, he likes to prepare things in advance but doesn't like anything too loud or fancy.

'I like dinner and a movie, and places that are not very loud.'

'My lines tend to be kind of stupid and immature. If a girl can laugh at a joke then I always think that's cool'
The craving for simplicity is reflected in the title of his latest album, Sex and Love.

'Sex And Love is the first title I thought of when I listened to the album,' he says.

'A lot of times I thought, "maybe it's too simple, too straightforward", but every time I thought of a new title kept coming back to Sex & Love.

'It's something we can all relate to.'

Enrique discusses his album - and top ways to chat up girls

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