Monday, April 21, 2014

Enrique Iglesias Premieres English Version of 'Bailando' with Sean Paul

Wow, if I were a buyer of his latest album "Sex + Love", I would be mad.

A US radio premiered last night (April 9) Enrique Iglesias' English version of his song "Bailando", featuring Sean Paul. "Bailando" is track #3 on the U.S standard edition of the Madrid-born singer's tenth album "Sex + Love". The original is purely in Spanish, however, the great performance of "Bailando" (current Latin single) on the Latin charts and Latin radio has made Enrique and his team think releasing "Bailando" for the English-speaking market too wouldn't be a bad idea at all.

A few modifications had to be done to the original though. Descemer Bueno's Spanish chorus is intact, Enrique's lyrics in the chorus are now in Spanglish, his verses are all English now, and then there's Sean Paul's signature rapping that blends in very well with the Spanish 'flavour' of the song.

I am so happy "Bailando" is Enrique's next 'English' single. It was about time he ditched EDM music for his official releases in English. Not sure how happy buyers of "Sex + Love" will be, though. As the newly-premiered 'English version' isn't on any album edition.

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