Friday, April 11, 2014

Enrique Iglesias "to go naked" if Spain wins 2014 World Cup

Visitors to London's Trafalgar Square could be in for a treat or a fright, depending on their point of view, if England or Spain win the World Cup this summer.
Enrique Iglesiashas struck a bet with chat show host Alan Carr that if either of their teams win the biggest prize in football they will go naked atop a statue in the world-famous square.

The unlikely wager was struck during the filming of Carr's Channel 4 show Chatty Man - which is set to be screened this evening at 10pm.

The host was grilling Iglesias about his naked water skiing after Spain won the last World Cup - and proposed a more interesting bet for this year's tournament.

"I'll have a bet with you, if Spain wins you have to do a bet and if England wins the World Cup I'll do a bet."

"OK, that's no problem," Enrique replied. "That would actually be great. What do you want to bet?"

"What would you do?" asked Al. "What about doing one of your gigs naked?"

"A whole gig!? A whole gig naked!?"

"Singing Hero naked," Carr bartered.

"OK let's do it, I'll do it! Wait that's a bit hard-core let me think about what I'm saying. I'll water ski naked again."

But Carr was unimpressed.

"You’ve done that. Boring now! Do you know what I thought, I was driving here to work today and I was thinking about bets for you, there’s this massive blue cock on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. If England win the World Cup, I will ride that naked!"

"You're going to ride the blue cock naked?" Enrique asked. "Do you know what I'll do the same thing. Let's just do the same thing. I'll ride the blue cock!"

"Why don’t you do something on the other podium, like a lion?"

"OK, I'll ride the lion! The lion sounds better than the blue cock!"

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