Saturday, August 04, 2012

Enrique Iglesias: Music lifts my morning mood


Enrique Iglesias is "really moody" in the mornings, so plays his songs to lift his mood.

The Spanish singer's favourite track to listen to when he wakes is his 2010 tune I Like It, which features Pitbull. He struggled to get the song released so it means a lot to him.

"For I Like It, I went through so much with that song and went through such a transition. I told my label, this is the song. They told me, 'You're crazy. It's never going to work.' I had it for three years on the shelf and I even changed labels [because of the disagreement]," he explained to Chicago Sun-Times. "When I wake up, I'm really moody. But I'd play this song and perk up because it was like an energy blast. My gut told me that it had something."

Enrique is currently on tour with Jennifer Lopez and has enjoyed working with her. While he admits she has a "big entourage", he insists she couldn't be nicer.

Jennifer recently quit her role as a judge on American Idol and Enrique has no plans to step into her seat.

"I've been asked this question a billion times in the last week. No way would I replace Jennifer on American Idol. But I think she did great. It must really be tough if you're a known artist. If you're a label exec or a newcomer, it might be good exposure. But once they know you, it's a tough, tough job," he said.

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