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Interview: Enrique Iglesias Praises Pitbull And Talks Bromance: "He's A Pleasure To Work With"

Enrique Iglesias: 'Pitbull and I should form a duo, it'd be brilliant'

The pair team up once again for new single 'I'm A Freak' and their friendship continues to blossom.
Enrique Iglesias has been speaking exclusively to Capital about his friendship with Pitbull and said the 'Timber' star is always a pleasure to work with.

The stars team up once more for new song 'I'm A Freak' and it's a musical partnership that continues to work wonders.

"We both live in the same city, we love music," he explained. "We get together a lot just to hang out and we're always listening to music constantly.

"It's a pleasure to work with him, I've travelled around the world with him, we've done tours together – so it's good to work with friends. He's always ready and willing and able."

Enrique also admitted there is a level of honesty between the pair that is crucial for making new music.

Meanwhile, he's also been speaking to Capital about being involved in Pitbull's World Cup 2014 song 'We Are One'.

The singer said he is such a big football fan that he had to be involved in whatever way he could, and therefore managed to sing in the background of the song.

Interview: Complete Story
Now an astonishing 20 years into his music career, Enrique Iglesias has and continues to achieve the kind of global success any male solo artist would give his right leg for.

As such we were anticipating diva behaviour when we met up with him last week to talk about his tenth album Love + Sex and new single 'I'm A Freak'. What we got was quite the opposite...

If your new single was an animal, what animal would it be?
"I would say a dog."

Good choice. We were going to suggest jackrabbit. 'I'm A Freak' is quite a humpy song, isn't it?
"You think I'm humping all the time?! Look, sex is something that instigates a lot of ideas when it comes to music. What I like about sex is that it can be raw, mature, stupid, fun, passionate. That's why I called the new album Sex + Love."

That was a brilliant segue if we may say so...
"[Laughs] It's true though! When I sit down and write songs, those are the feelings that are predominant. You can't get away from it. People have a tendency to judge you through your music. Just because I sing about sex it doesn't mean I'm always having sex - sometimes it's a fantasy, I'm fantasising about it."

Is the song's accompanying music video a fantasy of yours or just another night at Casa de Iglesias?
"Of course I've been to crazy parties, but not every night! I'm surprised people are saying the video is shocking. Is it really? People are running around being drunk and crazy, it's nothing new." 

The song features Pitbull... again. Maybe it's time you two formed as an official duo?
"You know, we've spoken about it, seriously! We should do a whole album together - it would be amazing. We've toured together as well. He's similar to me in that he doesn't take his success for granted. We're both enjoying where we're at in our lives. We're friends and we live in the same town, which means we're always in the studio together. He's actually on another track on the album as well."

What would you call yourselves as a duo? Would you be against bringing in Jennifer Lopez as a third member?
"I'd love it! I've worked with Jennifer a few times - there's a bonus track on the album with her. It's cool to work with artists from different musical backgrounds."

You do collaborate quite a lot these days.
"The reason I started doing it a lot is because it takes you out of your comfort zone. I have my style of making music, and working with other people sends you in a new direction. I don't want to bore myself! When I put an album out, I'm going to have to perform it a million times, so I need to be passionate about it."

The album, Sex + Love, is a mixture of dance Enrique and classic Enrique. Which Enrique do you prefer?
"I don't know, man. The music I make on any particular day just depends on how I'm feeling. I can't believe you've heard the album, I've barely heard it in full myself yet. Which songs did you like?" 

'Loco', 'Heart Attack' and the Kylie duet.
"That's interesting. The Kylie duet will be a single at some point for sure."

This is your tenth album. Is it your best work?
"I've never thought about that. I still love my debut album, partly because I never thought I would get to release it. I signed a record deal at 17 and thought I'd last a few months."

So what's the secret to sticking around in the music industry?
"Honestly, just loving what you do and never believe your own hype. Keep your feet on the ground and don't think you're the s**t, because you're not. Treat everyone equally and work hard. You've got to really love it."

Enrique Iglesias released 'I'm A Freak' on March 9. The album, Sex + Love, followed on March 17.

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