Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Who Is Enrique Iglesias Dating?

Enrique Iglesias is a big star in the music world, and his longtime girlfriend Anna Kournikova is a huge name in tennis. Together, they're unstoppable! And they have over a decade behind them.

These two have been dating since 2002 and were even rumored to be married. They've never confirmed the buzz, but it's highly speculated that they are indeed hitched. Still, it's not true until they say it's true, right?

Otherwise, Iglesias has been in a few other high-profile relationships over the years. He dated Playboy model Samantha Torres in the '90s, had a fling with Christina Aguilera (allegedly) in 1998, was rumored to be with Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2001, and then got with the tennis star and has been with her since. However, there were some scandalous rumors that the singer hooked up with an Irish actress in a bathroom in England in 2004, though, of course, that's wildly speculated.

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