Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Enrique Iglesias Amongst Top Searched Hollywood Music Artists And Celebrities In India

 Top Searched Hollywood Music Artists:

1.  Les Paul
2.  Amy Winehouse
3.  Enrique Iglesias
4.  David Guetta
5.  Eminem
6.  Akon
7.  Rihanna
8.  Michael Jackson
9.  Bryan Adams
10. Avril Lavigne

Les PaulWhat pop crooner Enrique Iglesias is doing at number three on this list is anyone’s guess. The most likely explanation we can think of is that a bunch of Bailamos-crazed schoolgirls took it upon themselves to suddenly spam Google servers with Enrique queries.

British singer Amy Winehouse bless her soul is a no-brainer at number two considering her untimely (and controversial) demise in July and if you’re wondering who Les Paul is, well, remember that Google Doodle shaped like a guitar you could strum?

That was in memory of Paul’s 96th birthday (he invented the solid-body electric guitar that made the sound of rock and roll as we know it possible).

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