Tuesday, May 20, 2014

9 Times Enrique Iglesias Discussed His (Small) Penis !

If there's one topic you can almost always count on Enrique Iglesias to bring up in conversation, it's his penis. It's a more interesting subject than the weather, that's for sure (Cosmo's weather girl notwithstanding).

Over the years, Enrique's discussed his equipment in both a critical and complimentary light — more often the critical end of the phallic stick, though. Below, a complete compilation of his quotes on the matter, and by the end you just won't know what to think because 1) it's confusing and 2) you're hot and bothered.
The Sun via NME, 2011.

Houston Press, 2005.

 Pride Source, 2007.

 Page Six/NYP, 2013.

 College Candy, via VH1, 2007.

 Page Six/NYP, 2013.

 Bang Showbiz, via Times of India, 2011.

 The Frisky, (compiled in) 2009.

E! Online, 2011. : Also, here's one visual metaphor, from Enrique's raunchy "Sad Eyes" music video. Yes, it's a lady performing enthusiastically on Enrique's stripper pole peen:

So who knows what to think at this point!

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