Thursday, May 15, 2014

Enrique Iglesias Reveals His Penis Size

The scorching-hot Spanish singer, on tour now, talks swiping his V-card, settling down, and just how big he is below the belt.

Your "I'm a Freak" video is being called the "Blurred Lines" of 2014. Are you really that freaky?
There are days when I want to have fun and be a freak — I mean that in a positive way. I want to be as crazy and spontaneous as possible and just go nuts.

Are your other songs as sexy?
The vibe of the album is very bipolar. It's sex and love. Those two words can be so close together but so far apart.

What was your first time like?
It was with my English teacher. I was in the fourth grade and ... I'm kidding! I don't remember a lot, just being extremely nervous but also extremely excited.

It's no secret that you and Anna Kournikova have been involved for a while. Do you ever see yourself settling down?
I do. I'm not against marriage. But for me, whether you're married or not, there comes a point when it's the same level of commitment. People ask, "Wouldn't you want your kids to know their parents are married?" Honestly, no. I just want to be a good father.

What's up with you talking about your penis size all the time?
My girlfriend always tells me, "If I read one more thing on the internet about you having a small penis.…" But she laughs it off. It's funny. What's the average penis size?

Like five and a half inches.
Then I'm way above average! Kidding — I'm in the middle.

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