Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Enrique Iglesias's English songs fail to impress?

Enrique Iglesias’s newest album has many people missing the early version of the bilingual pop star.

Iglesias released “Sex and Love” on March 18. The regular album contains 11 tracks, but an extra five are available on the deluxe edition. Both editions can be found at stores such as Target or Walmart. Like his past albums, “Sex and Love” is bilingual, containing songs in both English and Spanish.

Unfortunately for the English-speaking population, the strength in this album is due to his Spanish ballads. His song “Bailando” is catchy and has a good sound to it, but despite being able to translate the title (“Dancing”), I have no idea what the message is.

Not so catchy are his English dance-music songs. Iglesias collaborates with some well-known names such as Pitbull, Flo Rida and Kylie Minogue, but these songs still lack strength. Some of the lyrics are cheesy, vulgar and can get repetitive, which is more annoying than catchy.

“I thought the album was okay,” Arts & Sciences sophomore Cassie Boehm said. “I’m not a huge fan of him or his music, so this album really didn’t change my opinion. I also think all of his songs sound the same.”

“Sex and Love” is Iglesias’s 10th album, his last album release being in 2010 with “Euphoria.” Although “Euphoria” was not necessarily a bad album, and did include a few songs worth dancing to, Iglesias’s hits such as “Bailamos” and “Hero” come from his earlier career.

Heider College of Business sophomore Cindy Wilson is not a fan of Iglesias’s goal for the new album.

“He should stick to his old stuff such as ‘Bailamos’ and ‘Escape,’” she said. “The party music doesn’t sound right coming from him.”

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I have to agree. I am bilingual and understand both languages perfectly. This new rap vulgar music is a turn off. I know all artists are doing it. It suits some well and others not. I believe it does not suit Mr Enrique Iglesias well. His vulgar songs are disgusting and I have been a fan of his for years. He should stick to his Spanish songs because they are really his best and most popular. Not everyone can turn their music around and succeed.

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